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Morally and educational work of the department

  In the Department of Public Health and Health Management, work on youth education and spiritual and educational work is being carried out based on the plan developed for the new academic year. The members of our department are actively participating in the spiritual and educational work of all pedagogues. An information hour on spiritual and educational affairs is held in the department every Thursday with the participation of students and master's students-residents of the department, professors and teachers of the department, responsible employee for spiritual and educational affairs Shokhista Mamasoliyeva. is being missed. In addition, he conducts spiritual and educational work in the neighborhood, pre-school educational institutions, general education schools and other institutions.

Participation of department staff at the opening ceremony of the new building of Samarkand State Medical University

  Also, in periodical publications regarding the organization of full implementation of the decrees and decisions of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, decisions of the Cabinet of Ministers, decisions and orders of the Council of Ministers, as well as in the field of education and spirituality, students and to acquaint department staff with the contents of published legal documents, decrees and decisions of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, decisions of the Cabinet of Ministers. "The members of our team are actively participating in spiritual and educational events, propaganda and explanatory work dedicated to the Independence Day of the Republic of Uzbekistan."

  Also, according to the decision of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated February 7, 2017 No. PQ-4947 by the employees of the department on creating skills among young people, promoting reading, and providing employment to women 5 important initiatives are envisaged. On the first initiative of the students of the faculties of music, art, literature, theater and art, in order to increase interest in other types of horses in the departments, to reveal their talent, to review the activities of the creative club and to fulfill the planned tasks. Garaks were established. conduct events in a timely manner, especially the "Second Initiative", i.e. study the activities of the sports sections organized in the faculty in the region in order to create the necessary conditions for physical education of young people, to show their abilities, carry out promotion work to go to further expand the activities of the club, to introduce modern science-based systems, forms and methods for physical education of students, chess, checkers, football, volleyball, swimming. actively participates in the organization of various competitions in cooperation with experts.

Round discussion at TTJ-3 on the topic "Constitution-guarantee of our prosperous life"

  Spiritual and public events and promotional activities dedicated to the State Independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan, involvement of faculty students to ensure the active participation of the "Ibn Sino's Successors" team in the Republican "Thought Tests" competition, November 16 - International Religious Garden . To show the significance of the achievements of our republic in the years of independence and the opportunities given by independence in conducting roundtable discussions on the occasion of the Rickenian Day, "Lessons of Independence" and "1st grade school" and "Republican Constitution". Uzbekistan - national encyclopedia of independence and development".

A chess and checkers competition event held with the purpose of "Implementation of sports physical development, health strengthening and improvement in the effective organization of work with young people"

    The independent future of the Republic entirely depends on the preparation of highly qualified and modally spiritual potential among young people. The main objective of working with students is to inform the young generation of all the goals and tasks in spiritual and moral education that the President determines.

    Work with the young generation is aimed at enhancing spiritual and educational work in order to educate young people in the spirit of patriotism, immense fidelity to the ideas of national independence, love of the homeland, building a free and prosperous country, faith in a great and noble goal.

    Spiritual – educational work aimed at implementing effective forms and methods of spiritual and moral education, and education.
At the department has adopted a thematic plan, library and area of spiritual and educational work. The work is conducted according to the plan in all groups. 

    Seminars and meetings in the socio-political, cultural and educational spheres, as well as events planned in accordance with the plan of spiritual and educational work of the department, are regularly held at a high level on time.