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Science club

    In the 2022-2023 academic year, 38 students were accepted into the research club organized at the Department of Microbiology, Virology, Immunology, and all of them participated in research activities.

    All employees of the department actively helped students in conducting scientific research.

    During the year, 22 meetings of the SSS were held, at which plans for scientific work were discussed, the collected factual data and the results of scientific research were analyzed. The issues of publishing scientific theses and participation in student scientific and practical conferences were discussed.

    Members of the SSS actively participate in international Olympiads organized by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the CIS countries.

    In particular, a student at the Faculty of Medical Prophylaxis, Baratov Isomad, took part in the article competition “Imras. The best scientific research - 2022" and was awarded an honorary diploma of the 3rd degree. took 2nd place at the International Student Olympiad “ Samarkand- 2020” (Leader: Shaykulov Kh.Sh).

    Also, student Uzakova Sabina Erkinovna was awarded a 1st degree diploma as the author of an innovative idea in 2023 and became a laureate of the rector’s scholarship in 2023, took 2nd place at the All -Russian festival of students and youth “Man. Citizen. Scientist". Raykhona Azizovna Mirzaeva took 3rd place at the International Student Olympiad “Samarkand-2020”. Sadullayeva Malika Saidzhamalovna took 1st place at the International Student Olympiad "Samarkand-2020" (supervisor Bobokandova M). Marjona's daughter Shavkat Abdurakhmonova took 2nd place at the International Student Olympiad "Samarkand-2020".

    In accordance with the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On Education” and the National Personnel Training Program, in order to deepen the process of integration of types of education, ensuring unity and continuity between them, members of our department and participants of the SSS K.S. Boltaev, Kh.Sh. Shaykulov, A.M. Vakhidova, M.I. Yusupov, F.A. Zhamalova, Z.T. Muratova, A.N. Mamedov, U.A. Azzamov, N.I. Mamarasulova, M.F. Bobokandova, G.M. Odilov and G.N. Khudoyarova conducted a “Master Class” for 12 groups and 312 students of the Academic Lyceum of SamSMU and students of Pastargomsky Medical College (Appendix-2).

    In an open dialogue, a discussion took place of the research and teaching activities of the SSS carried out at our department.

    Members of the SSS presented scientific articles and theses at the 77th scientific and practical conference of gifted students and masters of SamSMU. Students of the circle and their mentors published ten articles in international journals , 15 articles in national journals and 35 theses, for a total of 63 scientific papers. Under the guidance of teachers, several students continue to publish their scientific works and participate in scientific conferences.