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Science club

    The Department of Medical Biology and Genetics was renamed TIZH "young biologists", TIZH were attached to the professors of the department, between whom traditions of mentoring and apprenticeship were well formed. TIJ Chairman F.Sh. Nazarova is. The work plan of the TIZH department is developed by the head of the department and responsible persons, and the activities of TIZH are carried out in accordance with this developed plan. The department holds meetings of TIZH members 2 times a month on Fridays of the week in the department’s office. The meetings held are documented in minutes.

    At meetings held at the department, teachers make presentations on topics related to scientific work in order to develop the creative abilities of students, and also provide insight into the selection of research works, the collection of primary documents necessary in the process of scientific research, their recording and analysis .

    The head of the department and responsible persons formulated the topics of scientific works of the department employees assigned to talented students of SamSTU, the students prepare theses and articles on their scientific works. TIZh members participate in local and international Olympiads and conferences and receive positive results.

    In the republic, students trained by teachers of the department and occupying places of honor take part in olympiads in biology and zoology.

    In particular; at the international scientific Olympiad offline, 2nd year student Kamalov Rustamzhon took 2nd place, 2nd year student Northodzhiev Jakhongir took 3rd place, and 2nd year student Khamdamov Batyr took 2nd place online. And 1st year student Ganiev Muhammadzhan took 1st place online. 1st year student Khaitbayeva Mokhinur was awarded a certificate at the international scientific Olympiad. 2nd year student of the Faculty of Pharmacy Akbarov Asliddin took 1st place at the “Young Scientist 2021” competition in the Republic of Kazakhstan and received a gold medal.

    The head of the department and responsible persons formulated the topics of scientific work of the department employees assigned to talented students of SamSTU, the students prepare theses and articles on scientific work. Abdullayeva Leila took an active part and showed positive results at the III International Olympiad Samarkand-2020, which took place in December 2022.

    Including in the online direction, 2 places were taken by Egamov Dostonjon and Ishnazarova Bakhora, 3 places by Murodullaeva Barchina and Farmonova Rukhshona. In the offline direction, Khairullayev Mirzokhid Farley took 1st place, Ergashev Bekzod Farley 2nd place and Zakirova Elnora Farley 3rd place. Abdurakhmanov Humayun, Oblokulov Shahrukhzhon, Abduganieva Sevinch, Egamkulov Diyarbek, Toktaev Avazbek were also awarded diplomas. Also in March, they took an active part in the third international Olympiad - “Followers of Avicenna”, held at the Tashkent Medical Academy, where they won diplomas of the 1st and 2nd degrees and diploma nominations. Including Egamkulov Diyarbek was awarded Diploma I degrees, Abdurakhmanov Khumayun - II degree diploma, Khidirnazarov Muhammed and Murodullaeva Barchina - diplomas. Members of Tizh Artykov Aftybek, Panjieva Muqaddas, Parakhatova Aidana, Ergasheva Hilola, Ilkhomzhonova Sevara, Abdullaeva Parizody took part in the international Olympiad in biology at the Kazakh Medical University named after Asfendiyarov and were awarded certificates.

    Tij azolari conducted research on their scientific topics with their supervisors, publishing articles and dissertations in international and local scientific journals. Including; Istamov’s sarin in the International Journal of Medical Systems FND Medical Sciences with a high impact factor of 8.54 on the topic “nematodes of the family bilharzielidae”, Daniyarova Parizoda in the International Journal of Innovations in technology and Science EDUCATION on the topic “heredity, symptoms and treatment of galactosemia”. Diagnostics”, Murodullaeva Barchina in the International Journal “Economy and Society” Published articles in the journal “morphophysiological specialization of helminths” and “Science and Innovation”. Akbarov Asliddin in the International Journal “RESEARCH Focus” On the topic “Toxic effect of antibiotics”, Abdulaziz Jumaev in the journal Procedia of Engineering and Medical Sciences with a high impact factor of 8.4, in the journal Academy Science with an impact factor of 7.655 and in the journal STATE-of-Tendencies of Innovation and Tendencies with his scientific advisor Nazarova F.Sh. published articles under the guidance

    And A. Rukhshana also published his status in the International Journal “Journal of Universal Science Research”. He actively participated in the work of the V International Scientific Conference 77 “Achievements of Fundamental, Applied Medicine and Pharmacy” with scientific theses and reports.

    Of these, 1st year student of the Faculty of Pediatrics Fozilova Nisso was awarded a 1st degree Diploma. Also, young scientists and students took an active part in presenting their scientific theses at the 30th International Scientific and Practical Conference of Young Scientists and Students “TIME to looking FORWARD-TIME Of The Best”, held on May 26-27 at the Bukhara State Medical Institute named after Abu Ali Ibn Sina.

    1st year student of the Faculty of Medicine, Group 113, Ustnik Tizh Eshmurodov Guneshbek was awarded a 2nd degree diploma, and Akhmedov Dilshod - a diploma. In addition, Daniyarova Parizoda and Murodullaeva Barchina from took part in the XVIII scientific and practical conference on the topic “Science and Innovation in Medicine - 2023”, held at the State Educational Institution TSMU named after Abu Ali Ibn Sina, and were awarded certificates.

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