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Science club

  The members of the Department of Epidemiology are called "young epidemiologists" of the Department of Epidemiology, and the members of the Department of Epidemiology are attached to the professors of the department. Chairman of the Institute of Technology, Assistant Professor N.N. Kabilov. is considered to be The working plan of the department's TIJ was developed by the head of the department and the responsible persons, and the activities of the TIJ are carried out according to this developed plan. The meetings of the members of the Department of International Affairs are held twice a month on Wednesdays of the week in the department's study room. The meetings are formalized in the form of minutes.

  At the meetings held in the department, the teachers selected scientific research works, collected the primary documents needed in the process of scientific research, recorded them, gave ideas about keeping them, and made presentations on topics related to their scientific works in order to develop oratorical skills of students. and their analysis is being conducted.

  The head of the department and those in charge have formed the scientific work topics of the department staff assigned to the talented students of Sam DTU, and the students are preparing theses and articles on their scientific work. TIJ members have been showing positive results by participating in local and international Olympiads and conferences.