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Neonatology course

Dilmuradova Klara Ravshanovna

Office hours: Monday – Tuesday; time: 8.30-15:00
Phone number: +99890 271 14 85
Address: Sogdiana Block, A.Rozzi, 2. Regional Perinatal Center.


Surname/Name Position
Dilmuradova Klara Ravshanovna Docent
Hazratkulova Mashxura Ismatovna Trainee teacher


  The course of neonatology of Postgraduate Education Faculty SamMI for 3 staff units was organized on May 2, 1996 by order No. 98-U of the rector of SamMI at the Department of Obstetrics-Gynecology of the Faculty of Advanced Training for Doctors on the basis of the maternity complex No.4 in Samarkand. From the very foundation to the present, the course was attended by the head of the course, doctor of medical sciences Dilmuradova K.R., candidates of medical sciences Saidmuradova R.S., Tukhvatulina R.R., Abdusalomov A.A. and assistant Bazarova H.R.
  Currently working on the course: head of the course, doctor of medical sciences, associate professor Dilmuradova K.R. and assistant Khazratkulova M.I.


  At the beginning of each training cycle and weekly, the course staff conducts a ma'naviat (spirituality) and ma'rifat (enlightenment) hours. The listeners introduce themselves, talk about themselves, get to know the staff of the course, with the requirements of the course, then conversations are held on the topics of deontology in neonatology and perinatology and other topics, in accordance with the plan of the department "Manaviat va Marifat" of the institute. During their studies with cadets, visits to sights and other attractions of the city of Samarkand are conducted.


  The course is attended by doctors - neonatologists and general practitioners from 7 regions of the South-Western region of the Republic of Uzbekistan: Samarkand, Jizzakh, Kashkadarya, Surkhandarya, Navoi, Bukhara and Khorezm. Training is carried out according to the Model programs approved by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan, including the International Programs of the World Health Organization: Criteria for live and stillbirth, Breastfeeding, Effective perinatal care, Integration of prevention of HIV transmission from mother to child into effective perinatal care, Analysis of infant mortality, Reanimation of newborns revision VI, Helping babies to survive.
  For 24 years of activity of the course of neonatology, the staff published 28 titles of educational and methodological literature, given below.


  During their work, the course staff defended 1 dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Medicine (Dilmuradova K.R.); published: 1 monograph, 1 study guide, 8 study-methodological guides, 20 methodological developments, more than 200 articles and theses. 1 Doctor of Medicine Sciences (Akhmedzhanova N.I.) was trained. Currently, scientific work is underway on the problem "Physiology and pathology of the neonatal period."