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Faculty of medical prophylaxis

Tuxtarov Baxrom Eshnazarovich

Dean of the Faculty: Doctor of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor

Reception time: Monday-Saturday: 08:30-17:00.
Tel: +998 99 815 35 90
Address: Samarkand, Amir Temur str. 18

There are two majors at the Faculty of Preventive Medicine, Public Health and Medical Biology:
1. Medical prophylaxis
2. Medical biology

Field of study (Specialty) - 5510300-Medical prophylaxis
Specialty (Qualification) - doctor general hygienist, epidemiologist
Duration of study: 5 years
Form of education: full-time
Field of study (Specialty) - 5510900-Medical Biology
Specialty (Qualification) – doctor laboratory assistant
Duration of study: 4 years
Form of education: full-time

The Department of Medical Prevention was established in 2016, and the Department of Medical Biology was established in 2018.
There are 376 students studying at the faculty.

Fayziboyev Pirmamat Normamatovich
Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs vice dean

Murаdova Nargiza Azamatovna

Vice dean for youth affairs

The faculty consists of 10 departments:

Department of Public Health and Healthcare Management

Department of Public Hygiene and Ecology

Department of Microbiology, Virology and Immunology

Department of Medical Biology and Genetics

Department of Physiology

Department of Pathological Physiology

Department of Normal Anatomy

Depertment Surgery and Topographical Anatomy

Department of Histology, Embryology and Cytology

Department of Epidemiology


  Educational and clinical bases of the faculty: Samarkand Regional State Agency for Sanitary Safety, Samarkand City State Agency for Sanitary Peace and Samarkand city Medical Association clinical laboratory departments.
  The most important tasks of the faculty are constant individual work with professors, teachers and students. Special attention is paid to the deepening of medical knowledge through the involvement of students in research, learning foreign languages and computer literacy.
  The Faculty of Preventive Medicine, Public Health and Medical Biology focuses on increasing students' participation in higher education and practical skills. This situation has a special place in the educational process and in practice.
The departments work with students in full compliance with the requirements of state educational standards.
  At the meetings of the educational-methodical council of the faculty are discussed issues related to the lesson plan, calendar plan of programs and topics, recommendations for the publication of textbooks, further improvement of the rating system, current controls, attendance and student knowledge, calendar thematic work in the departments. Existing science curricula are constantly updated and improved, and are retrained each academic year. The teaching of subjects is carried out in the form of interdisciplinary integration in accordance with the curriculum.
  In order to effectively use the information database, new information technologies are being introduced in the departments of the Faculty. All departments are equipped with the latest computers and are connected to the Internet and multimedia projectors.
Teaching aids are constantly being modernized: the video library and the electronic library are constantly replenished;
Graduates of the faculty specialize in medical prevention: district, city and republican DSEOA, state sanitary-preventive institutions, insurance and municipal medical institutions, medical-sanitary units, AIDS centers, research institutes, secondary and higher medical schools. They work in educational institutions.
  Medical Biology: Lecturer in general medical sciences in medical colleges (microbiology, normal anatomy, pathological anatomy, normal physiology, pathological physiology, histology).
  Laboratory physicians work as specialists in the health care system, sanatoriums, medical and sanitary departments of some organizations and ministries, sports and health complexes, diagnostic centers.
Postgraduate specializations: There are 7 internships and 7 master's degrees.


  Employees of the departments of medical prophylaxis, public health and medical biology are actively involved in research work.
  Preventive measures for the development of medical science of the faculty are carried out in the regions. The results of the research will find their place in practice and improve the quality of treatment and prevention.
More than 10 teachers of the faculty have improved their skills in major centers abroad, many of our teachers have participated in prestigious international conferences and drew attention to the relevance of their speeches. The research work of the faculty is published in international, national and local publications.
  The total number of professors and teachers at the faculty is103, including 3 professors, 3 Ph.D. associate professors, 9 associate professors, 6 senior teachers and 92 assistants are teaching students.


  One of the main activities of the faculty is the formation of moral values in students, their interest in their professional activities, the need for a healthy lifestyle, their involvement in social and cultural activities of the institute. To carry out these tasks, the faculty has a board of tutors, who carry out their activities in accordance with the approved plan. Each group of the faculty has a coach, who is selected from experienced teachers. In order to spend their free time meaningfully, students of the faculty are involved in public events, amateur initiatives under the guidance of coaches, visit the historical monuments and sights of Samarkand and the Republic, theaters and museums.
  Students of the faculty take part in various creative competitions held in the Republic. Great attention is paid to physical culture and sports. Students of the faculty take part in football, tennis, chess, basketball, volleyball, national wrestling, martial arts, athletics clubs operating on the basis of the sports complex of our institute. They also take honorable places in regional and national sports competitions.