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History of the department

  Urology service has been provided by doctors or masters since ancient times (treatment with herbs, circumcision, etc.). In Samarkand, urology service was established and developed as a component of a similar service on the scale of our republic.

  In 1932, with the establishment of the Medical Faculty of the Uzbek State University and in 1935, the Samarkand Medical Institute, the department of surgery of the faculty began teaching urology. Professors A.A. Kozyrev, B.E. Pankratev, A.V. Sushchevsky, G.M. Mints, associate professors B.F. Medvedkov, M.L. Kotlyarevsky, M.K. Karaev gave lectures on urology.

  In 1965, when the 45-bed urology department was opened at SamSMI clinic No. 1, lectures were given to fourth-year students by associate professor X.J. Rakhmonov, and practical training was conducted by assistant N.A. Yusupov.

  The independent department of urology was established in 1973, and associate professor X.J. Rakhmonov was appointed as its first director. Associate professor Hamid Jalilovich Rahmonov was born on May 1, 1916 in Fergana. He graduated from SamSMI in 1937. He took part in the Second World War and from 1947 he worked as an assistant and then as an associate professor in the department of surgery, in 1973-1984 he was the head of the department of urology, and from 1984 until the end of his life he worked in this course, then as an associate professor of the department.

  Associate professor Rahmonov X.J. is remembered by those who knew him as a principled, highly professional surgeon-urologist and a humble person. He was a surgeon-urologist who was respected and praised by his patients.

  First employees of the Department of Urology were associate professor X.J. Rahmonov (head of the course), asst. Yusupov N.A., asst. Olimzhanov N.K. and clinical ordinator S. Allazov. In 1976, N.A. Yusupov was promoted to associate professor and R.N. Ibodov was accepted to assistantship after successfully completing post-graduate studies in Moscow. During this period, the urology team conducted scientific research on problems such as "Ileocystoplasty", "Urinary stone disease", "Pyelonephritis".

Rakhmanov X.J. (1916-1988)

  In 1979, the department of urology was transferred to the newly built clinic No. 2 of SamSMI. In 1984, the course was transformed into a department, and the head of the department was appointed U.B. Bekmuratov, DSc, who previously had been working in the Department of Surgery and Children's Surgery; ordinator Stiben F.P. worked as an assistant.

  In 1990-1991, the Department of Urology was merged with the Department of Faculty Surgery. During this period, the head of the department was prof. I.R. Rustamov.

  Since 1991, DSc A.S. Salomov, who worked at the hospital surgery department, was transferred to the head of the urology department. During this period, the staff of the course conducted scientific research on such scientific problems as "Infectious-inflammatory diseases of the kidney and urinary tract", "Benign prostatic hyperplasia".

  During the 1991-1998 academic years, department of urology merged with the department of surgery of the faculty of pediatrics, and prof. A.S. Salomov was elected as the head of the department. At this time, prof. S.A. Allazov, asst. Z.R. Shodmonova, asst. D.R. Sayapova, asst. R.I. Hamitov and asst. N.A. Bobokulov held classes. In 1992, S.A. Allazov, one of the members of the Department of Urology, was the first to defend his DSc dissertation in urology in Samarkand. In 1996, PhD Z.R. Shodmonova was the first in "Urology" at SamSMI who was admitted to the doctorate course and began to conduct scientific research on the topic of "Increasing the effectiveness of the pathogenetic treatment of urolithiasis". In 1998, D.R. Sayapova defended his candidate thesis under the guidance of prof. S.A. Allazov. During these years, the urology service provided to the population of the region has reached a new level due to the installation of the "Urolix" complex and the Lithotriptor "Urat-II" in the urology clinic.

Salomov A.S.

  The department of urology was separated from the department called "Surgery and Urology of the Faculty of Pediatrics" in 1999 and was transformed into an independent department of urology, prof. Allazov S.A. was appointed as the manager. At this time, in the practice of adenomectomy surgery, which is widely used in urology, the use of a very convenient local method - lagochilus infusion - has given good results (there is no need to tampon the adenoma site, suturing or coagulation). In 2006, the independent department of urology was re-united with the department of surgical diseases of 6-7 courses.

Allazov S.A.

  In 2013, prof. Sobirov B.U. was appointed as the head of the Department of Urology.