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History of the department

    Samarkand State Medical Institute is the oldest medical university in Central Asia and over its 90-year history has trained highly qualified medical personnel to ensure and protect public health for higher and secondary educational institutions and medical institutions.

    The Department of Hygienic Profile began to function from the 1932-1933 academic year. First, the Department of General Hygiene was created, and prof. S.D. Bautin worked as the head of the department until 1940. Initially, the faculty of the department consisted of two people - the head of the department, prof. S.D. Bautin and assistant A.P. Zorin. Then I. N. Eremenko, an assistant sanitary doctor, was accepted, who worked at the department until the start of World War II.

    In 1938, Candidate of Medical Sciences A.T. Shevchenko first served as an assistant, and from March 1941 became an assistant professor.

    During the Great Patriotic War in 1942-1944, Professor of the Odessa Medical Institute, Associate Professor A.B. Reznik, 1944-1946 T. Shevchenko and professor N. K. Bakhusov in 1946-1950. headed the department.

    In the years after the end of the Great Patriotic War and during the period of the former Soviet Union, research was carried out in this direction to improve and prevent general hygiene, food hygiene, occupational hygiene, communal hygiene and the provision of clean drinking water. population. environmental pollution and other areas, training of highly qualified medical personnel was carried out.

    After 1950, the Department of General Hygiene of the Samarkand State Medical Institute was headed by a number of scientist-professors. In particular: in 1950-1975, Associate Professor A.T. Shevchenko, in 1975-1983, Associate Professor L.V. Makeeva, in 1983-1990, Professor V.I. Krivoruchko.

    A number of scientists, professors and teachers worked on the training of highly qualified personnel in the field of general hygiene, health improvement of the population, scientific substantiation of the profile of infectious and parasitic diseases and their practical application. Since then, employees have worked in the following positions: A. Gutkeevich, M.M. Lerner, A.G. Sarukhanova, M.A. Asherov, F. Hairon, E.Kh. Khamraev, A.N. Samsonov, A.A. Aspanov, Z.A. Khanimov, M.A. Bahadirov T.F., N.Ya. Dyukova, V.A. Alexandrova, S.B. Abidav, S.T. Kurbanov, N.D. Osipova, O.M. Litvinova, T.M. Yugai, A.M. Chernyk. Teachers M. Ilyina, E.T. Nurova, L.A. Akhrorova, D.N. Aronboev, M.B. Mallaeva, Sh. Sharipov, M.A. Bakhriddinova, Associate Professor S.M. Murodkasimov, D.A. Kovalenko and a number of other teachers.

    From 1990 to 1993, the head of the department was Professor A.Kh. Khaidarov.

    From 1993 to 1995, the head of the department was Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor G.K.

    From 1995 to 2010, head of the department, candidate of medical sciences, associate professor U.O. Oblakulov has worked as an assistant at the department since 1973, and as an assistant professor since 1979.

    In 2010, in order to optimize the departments of the Samarkand Medical Institute, several departments were converted into courses and attached to other departments as courses. The Department of General Hygiene was transformed into a course in General Hygiene and Ecology and worked as the Department of Public Health, Health Organization, General Hygiene and Ecology of Health Organization.

    During this period, the head of the department was associate professor Yu.Kh.Kushmuradov. In order to strengthen the material and technical base of the institute, improve the quality and efficiency of the educational process, create comfortable working conditions for students, college teachers, the department building and all classrooms, a major overhaul was carried out in the capital. All classrooms and lecture halls are equipped with the necessary equipment and teaching materials.

    From 2013 to August 2020 - Associate Professor of the Department of Health, Health Organization, General Hygiene and Ecology Z.Z. Aminov.

    In the 2020-2021 academic year, the Faculty of Medical Prevention, Public Health and Medical Biology and the Department of General Hygiene and Ecology of the Samarkand Medical Institute were established. organization, general hygiene and ecology.

    Since September 2020, the head of the department is Doctor of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor B.E. Tukhtarov is the dean of the Faculty of Medical Prevention, Public Health and Medical Biology.