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Simulation endoscopy room

  A simulation room in the subject of surgery is a modern technology for the practical training of medical students, students, master's and clinical residents and the assessment of their knowledge, including the development of practical skills, the development of automatically repeated actions, making adequate decisions, based on the modeling of clinical and other situations close to real conditions .

  Goals of the simulation center:

  Formation and improvement of practical skills necessary in the activities of an endoscopist, in accordance with qualified requirements.

  Аsks of the simulation room:

  • Formation of skills to prepare a patient for endoscopic examination
  • explanation to the patient about the upcoming procedure
  • how to check the availability of the necessary research tools
  • putting on an apron and gloves,  position of the patient on the couch
  • know the indications and contraindications for this study
  • preparing the endoscope for research
  • methods and principles of endoscope disinfection
  • rules for storing endoscopic instruments
  • explain about medications used for spraying into the throat
  • complications arising during this study

  Necessary equipment:

  • Couch
  • Apron and gloves
  • Clean towels, napkins or tray
  • 10% lidocaine suspension
  • Endoskop
  • Manikin for endoscopic manipulation

  The results of work in the endopist simulation room will allow you to:

  • consolidate the acquired theoretical knowledge
  • reduce the level of psychological stress when performing the first manipulations
  • practice skills in working with an endoscop