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Department of Phthisiology

Khodjaeva Svetlana Atakhanovna

Time of the acceptance: Monday - Saturday 13:00
Tel: +998909089217
Address: Samarkand, Mirankuli

Staff of the Department

Name Title
Turdibekov Husan Phd.,teacher
Mamatova Nargiza teacher
Adzhablaeva Dinara teacher
Pardaeva Ugiloy teacher
Saidova Mamura teacher
Yorboev Rustam teacher


  In 1930 course of phthisiology was organized in Samarkand Stare Medical institute. Before 1960 this course was in composition of the pulpit faculty therapy and consisted of 2-3 teachers. In these years actively worked the professor N. I. Cornet (1930-1936), assistant professor I. Iren (1936-1947), assistant professor B. D. David (1947-1950), assistant professor Udalova M. P. (1950-1959), assistant professor Garanyan A. N. (1959-1972).

Udalova Marie Petrovna

Garanyan Anaida Nikolaevna professor

doctor of sciences Yushina Galina Ivanovna

  Chair of phthisiology was organized In 1973 under the direction of professor I. Yushina, and pedagogical composition of the chair increased up to 11 persons. In this period trained the student: assistant professor A. A. Sharapov, PhD K. Ganiev, PhD A. D. Current, PhD. Safarov I. S., PhD. A. Grigoryanc, assistents R. E. Unanyan, S. B. Kirina, K. N. Rahimbaev, Yu. A. Tahalov.

In miscellaneous time chief of chair were:

Sharapov Ahmadzhon Abdullaevich 1978 - 1992

Uzakov Ahmadzhon Kazakovich 1992 - 2002

Safarov Iskandar Safarovich 2002 - 2006

Hodjaeva Svetlana Atahanovna 2006 - on present time

  On 1 March 2005 chair is newly transformed in course of phthisiology and is joined to chair of propedeutics of internal diseases. The phthisiology course is found on the base Samarkand state regional antituberculous dispensary.
  At present on course learning the personnel (frames) conduct the teachers: асс. Hodjaeva S.A., асс. Saidova M.A., асс. Pardaeva U.J., Mamatova N.T., Adzhablaeva D.N., Turdibekov H.I. and others. On course are trained students 4 and 6 courses of the medical faculty and faculty medical pedagogy, students 5 and 6 courses of the pediatric faculty, 4 courses stomatology faculty, 4 courses of the faculty of the medical preventive maintenance. Is it also conducted education 3 courses foreign student getting second higher education.

Since 2005 lead preparation a master degree in direction of phthisiology.

  Also on course regularly is read the course a lecture physician-internist, pediatrician, listener course to specialization of the faculty of doctors improvement.From 2014 phthisiology course, either as all chairs and courses of Samarkand State Medical institute began education a student on base of the module system
Since September 2020, phthisiology course is newly transformed in chair. From this time chair combines education a student on traditional and remote base on platform


  On chair to lead regular spiritual- enlightenment work with student. Each week at participation student is conducted hour spirituality and enlightenment. The conversations are conducted in dormitory student. Each year on March 24, on action, denoted worldwide day of the fight with tuberculosis, students participate in athletic action and get the prises.



  Employees of chair annually publish the results of their own studies in republican and foreign scientific publishing and journal. Form the acts of the introduction. Also, employees of the chair actively participate in republican and international scientific conference, conduct the master-classes and vebinars.