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Department of Pediatrics No. 3 and Medical Genetics

Mukhammadieva Lola Atamuradovna
Head of the department, MD docent.

Phone number: (90)603-33-96

The Department of 3-Pediatrics and Medical Genetics is located on the basis of the 1-clinic of SamMI in the children's department.

Composition of the department of pediatrics no. 3 and medical genetics

Surname/Name Position
Sharipova Oliya Askarovna doc., d.o.m.s
Mamatqulova Dilrabo Xamidovna Ass., c.o.m.s.
Meliyeva Gulsara Atabayevna Senior Lecturer c.o.m.s.
Turayeva Nafisa Omonovna Senior Lecturer
Lapasova Muxtaram Shermuxamedovna Assistant
Baxranov Sherzod Samiyevich 2nd year doctoral student
Rustamova Gulnoza Rustamovna Assistant
Kuldashev Sardor Furqativich Assistant
Azimova Kamola Talatovna Assistant
Ro'zmetova Saodat Umarjanovna Assistant
Xusainova Shirin Kamildjonovna Assistant
Umarova Saodat Sulaymonovna Assistant
Safoyeva Zebo Farxotovna Assistant
Abduraxmonov Jasur Nematovich Assistant


  In 1930 there was founded the Department of Pediatrics of Medical Faculty on the basis of Department of Children's Diseases and qualified pediatricians: V.A. Razlovsky, A.N. Kiselev, G.Yu.Barevich were involved. And since 1935, the department was headed by Associate Professor A.N. Ivanov. The main directions of scientific research were the study of the content of the peripheral blood of sick children with hematopoiesis of the bone marrow. O. Kornetova studied the indications and contraindications for blood transfusion in childhood diseases, summarized the peculiarities of the method and developed appropriate recommendations. VLevinson-Hoffman studied the clinic of lymphocytic meningitis in children and studied changes in cerebrospinal fluid in laboratory conditions. These studies have improved the differential diagnosis of lymphocytic meningitis with other diseases.
  Carrying out of such clinical investigations in the Department at that period was considered to be well-timed and became an important criterion for diagnosis and correct management of therapeutic tactics, which contributed to the improvement of medical affairs in the department.
  In the pediatric clinic, along with the treatment of diseases of general nosology in children, the peculiar features of the course of malaria, visceral leishmaniasis in children were investigated and new methods of treatment were proposed in practice (B.Kh. Karakhodzhaev).
  In 1955-1960, the head of the department was the rector of SamMI, associate professor M.A. Mirzamukhamedov. During this period, attention was focused on the study of the features of the clinical course of childhood diseases in a hot and dry climate, changes in the internal organs of patients after some poisoning and the development of therapeutic tactics.
  Mannap Atamatovich Mirzamukhamedov was born in 1920. In 1943 he graduated from the Tashkent Medical Institute. In 1943-1955, at the department of children's diseases of this institute, he worked as a graduate student, assistant, associate professor and at the same time served as the chief physician of the TashMI clinic. In 1955-1960 he was the rector of SamMI.
  The children's department became a large school, where, simultaneously with teaching students the basics of pediatrics, in the newly organized and opened in 1963 a new course of the Pediatric Faculty, special work was carried out to train teachers. During this period, the contribution of the head of the department, associate professor B.Kh. Karakhodzhaev, was invaluable.
  The first direction - under the guidance of the leading rheumatologist Professor N.A. Mirzoyan - is the study of the etiopathogenesis of rheumatism in children, the clinic and the development of new therapeutic methods (Kh.Khamraev, Kh.S. Salokhitdinova, B.N. Valiev, Kh.N. Ganieva, Kh.M. Mamatkulov, R.R. Ruziev, D.S. Mamedova). The second one is devoted to the problems of chronic nutritional disorders (Zh.I. Ishkobulov, G.U. Sharazhabov, M.M. Makhmudov, S.K. Abdurakhmonova). Also, under the guidance of a mentor, M.P. Chakchakov, F.S.Vyazikov, M.R.Rustamov defended their dissertations.
  B.Kh. Karakhodzhaev, being the constant chairman of the Society of Pediatricians of the Samarkand region, in 1950-1975 made a great contribution to improving the qualifications of pediatricians working in health care practice.
  Teachers A.Kh.Khamraev, Zh.I. Ishkobulov, Kh.M. Mamatkulov, M.R.Rustamov, S.K. Abdurakhmonova who were educated at this school later became doctors of sciences, professors, heads of departments of the pediatric profile of the institute. RR Ruziev, BN Valiev, Kh.S. Salokhiddinova, GU Sharazhabov, Kh.N. Ganieva worked as associate professors of the departments of SamMI.
  At various times, the department was headed by T.Z. Zaripov, Sh.Z.Kurbonova, D.S.Mamedova, O.Kh. Aminova, Sh.B.Bakhodirova. Among the members of the department, associate professors: M.P. Chakchakov, A.Kh.Khamraev, B.Kh. Nazirov, G.Sh. Solikhbaeva, Z.N. Beknazarova and assistants: F.S. Vyazikov, M.R. Rustamov, M M.Makhmudova, J.E. Eshkobilov, G.U. Sharazhabov, S.K. Abdurakhmonova, R.S. Sobirova, H.M. Mamatkulov, M.Kh. Abdullaeva, M.M. Makhmadova, M.P. Kudratova, Zh.T. Turakulov, Sh.B.Bakhodirova, T.R.Kuznetsova, L.F.Aliyeva, T.I. Pakholyants, L.A. Mukhammadieva took an active part in the medical affairs.
  It should be especially emphasized that most of the employees of the department who worked as assistants, associate professors later moved to work in the newly organized department of pediatrics and became doctors of science, professors. It should be especially emphasized the activities of the leading associate professor of the department, later Professor A.Kh. Khamraev.

  Since 1977, the head of the department was Kh.M. Mamatkulov. In recent years, it has been established (by Kh.M. Mamatkulov B.N. Valiev M.Makhmudova, I. Bakhodirova, R. Sobirova) that in pneumonia in children, the capillary permeability significantly increases, the ratio of amino acids in the blood and urine changes, the protease activity increases, the hydrophilicity of tissues increases. Moreover, changes are observed in pneumonia occurring on various background: in dystrophies, exudative diathesis or chronic nutritional disorders. It was also established that in acute pneumonia in children, the exchange of heparin is significantly impaired. The inclusion of heparin and contrical in the complex of therapeutic agents contributes to the effective normalization of many systems of the child's body.

  Department of Propedeutics of Childhood Diseases. Several scientific works were carried out (in 1966) jointly with the Department of Children's Diseases (G.U. Sharadzhabov, S.Kh. Abdurakhmanov, M.M. Makhmudova). The head of the research work at the department (from 1966 to 1973) was Z.N. Beknazarova, and from 1973 to the presentt's A.Kh. Khamraev so he completed a fundamental research devoted to the characteristics of chronic metabolic disorders of various genesis in children of the first two years of life.

  Under the leadership of ZN Beknazarova, the staff of the department (IT Salomov, Kh.S. Salakhutdinova, LB Vagapova, Kh.N. Ganiev and others) were studying various aspects of alimentary-infectious anemia in young children. So, Z.P. Beknazarova (1974) presented data on the normal ratio of peripheral blood cells in children in the climate specified by geographical conditions of Uzbekistan, established the prevalence of alimentary-infectious anemia, found out its etiology, pathogenesis, assessed disorders of a number of organs and systems, etc. Shifts of electrolytes in the blood in young children with this pathology were studied by O.K. Aleksandrova (1972), the state of the secretory-enzymatic function of the stomach-G. Kudratova (1975).
  Abdulla Khamraevich Khamraev was born in 1935 in the village of Oksoy, Pastdargom (now Nurabad) district of Samarkand region. In 1960, after graduating from the medical faculty of SamMI, in 1960-1962 he worked as an assistant at the Department of General Hygiene. In 1963-1965 he studied at the graduate school of the Department of Children's Diseases. In 1967, the young scientist, under the guidance of his mentors associate professor B.Kh.Karakhodzhaev and professor N.A. Mirzoyan, defended his Ph.D. thesis on the topic "Exchange of ascorbic acid in children with rheumatism and the possibility of its rational use when prescribing complex treatment." In 1964-1974 he worked as an associate professor of the department. In 1975 he defended his doctoral dissertation on the topic "Clinical and biochemical characteristics of chronic metabolic disorders in children under two years of age of various genesis." In 1977 A.Kh. Khamraev was awarded the degree of professor. He worked as the head of the department in the newly organized department of propedeutics of children's diseases on the basis of the clinic. At the same time he worked as vice-rector for medical affairs of SamMI. In 1981, the Department of Propedeutics of Children's Diseases was transferred to the base of the Samarkand Regional Hospital No. 1. Under his leadership, 13 dissertations were defended for the degree of candidate of sciences A.Kh.Khamraev was awarded the honorary title "Honored Scientist of Uzbekistan" (1990). In 1992 he died in the city of Samarkand.
  At the Department of Children's Diseases of the Medical Faculty located on the basis of the clinic, scientific research was carried out in several directions. This was a study of the changes occurring in children with rheumatism A.Kh.Khamraev (1967). There were studied the exchange of ascorbic acid in children with rheumatism and rational possibilities with complex effective treatment - Kh.S. Salokhitdinova (1968); Changes in the morphological composition of peripheral blood and bone marrow in patients with rheumatism - B.Kh. Valiev (1969); Exchange of microelements in rheumatism, and the tactics of complex treatment with copper and bioelements of iron - H.N. Ganieva (1970); Function of the pancreas in rheumatism - Kh.M. Mamatkulov (1970); Correction of blood coagulation during the active phase of rheumatism with corticosteroids - RR Ruziev (1971); Changes in protein metabolism in rheumatism - D.S. Mamedova (1972); Epidemiology of rheumatism and its clinical course. In addition, scientific research was carried out to study chronic malnutrition in children. In this direction, U.E. Eshkobilov (1971) investigated the violation of chronic nutrition in sick children and the peculiarities of the metabolism of proteins and amino acids; G.U. Shorajabov (1972) - Changes in the amount of potassium and sodium in the body; S.K. Abdurakhmonova (1975) - Relationship of the nutritional process with amino acids.
  In 1979-1988 the department was headed by Professor Kh.M. Mamatkulov. In 1988, S.K. Abdurakhmanova was elected the Head of the Department. Among the staff of the department, associate professors M.N. Abdullaeva, B.N. Valiev, Kh.N. Lapasov, assistants T.R. Kuznetsova, I.B. Bakhodirova, M.Sh. Lapasova, M. P. Kudratova, F.D. Khotamov, T. E. Pakhalyants, A. I. Suvonkulova, D. T. Turakulov, E. O. Davronov, Sh.Z. Islamov, L. F. Alieva, L. O. .Mukhammadieva were taking an active part in therapeutical affairs.
  Sayora Kodirovna Abdurakhmonova was born in 1945 in the city of Samarkand. She graduated from the Samarkand Medical Institute in 1969. In 1969-1971 she graduated from the clinical residency of the Department of Hospital Pediatrics of SamMI, in 1971-1974 she graduated from the postgraduate study of the Department of Pediatrics of the Medical Faculty. In 1975 she defended her Ph.D. thesis. In 1974-1985 she worked as an assistant of this department, in 1985-1988 as an associate professor, in 1988-2000 she worked as the Head of this Department. S.K. Abdurakhmonova defended her doctoral dissertation in 1994.
  From the staff of the department who participated in the medical case, one should mark the activities of M.N. Abdullaeva. She began her medical activity in the department as a resident in 1974, while simultaneously carrying out deep scientific research. In 1983 she defended her thesis, in 1995 she defended her doctoral dissertation. MN Abdullaeva was awarded the title of professor and since 1995 she is the head of the Department of Neontology of the institute.
  The leading associate professor of the department from 1962 to 1997 B.N. Valiev has been continuously working for 35 years. In 1962-1964 B.N.Valiev worked as a clinical resident, in 1964-1967 as a graduate student, in 1967-1969 as an assistant, in 1969-1997 he effectively worked as an associate professor. The ongoing scientific research was aimed at diagnosing and improving methods of treating heart and renal diseases in children. SK Abdurakhmonova studied the course of nephropathy in infants and developed new methods for the diagnosis and treatment of this disease. L.F. Alieva studied the clinical characteristics of cardiopathy and myocarditis in young children and proposed in practice modern methods of treatment correction in practice. The results of carried out research were widely used not only in the treatment of patients in the department, but also in children's polyclinics No. 3 and No. 12 of the city of Samarkand, central regional hospitals of the Samarkand region.
  From the day of the organization of the Second Children's Department in 1966, the Department of Faculty Pediatrics of the Pediatric Faculty of SamMI began its activities. Among the staff of the department, associate professors I.T. Salomov, R.R. Ruziev, G.N. Kudratova, S.R. Khursandova, B.A. Inomova took an active part in the medical affairs; assistants Z.M. Latipova, M.Kh. Toshpulatova, M.T.Rustamov, S.Sh. Umarova, M.R. Mirzaeva, M.M. Mukhitdinova. Professor Z.N Beknazarova worked as the Head of the Department.

Professor Beknazorova Z.N and lecturer Ass. Rustamov M.T.

  In this department, sick children with anemia were examined and treated. In the process of examination and treatment of patients, the indicators of polygraphy and spirography were studied by I.T. Salomov, G.N. Kudratova studied the secretory-enzymatic functions of the stomach of infants, Z.M. Latipova studied the indicators of oxidation and recovery in anemia, B.A. Inamova studied the indicators of the immunological state in pneumonia, and developed practical recommendations. This has become an important factor in treatment of anemia in infants.
  In 1987, Professor Kh.M. Mamatkulov was elected to the post of head of the Department of Pediatric Faculty.
  Hamid Mamatkulovich Mamatkulov was born in 1940 in the Jizzakh province of the Samarkand region. In 1963, after graduating from the medical faculty of the Samarkand State Medical Institute, he continued his studies at the Department of Pediatrics. In 1969-1976 he worked as an assistant of this department. In 1970 he defended his Ph.D. thesis and in 1977 he was awarded the degree of Associate Professor. In 1977-1988 Kh.M. Mamatkulov worked as the Head of the Department of Children's diseases of the Medical Faculty, from 1988-2012 he worked as the Head of the Department of Pediatrics of the Faculty.

  In 1985 he defended his doctoral dissertation on the topic "Clinical and pathogenetic characteristics, diagnostics and development of methods for treating changes in the hemostasis system in young children in hot climate" and in 1987 he was awarded the scientific degree of professor. In 1991-1994 Kh.M. Mamatkulov simultaneously served as the dean of the pediatric faculty of SamMI, in 1996-2005 he worked as vice-rector for scientific work. Under his supervision, 2 doctoral and 14 master's theses were defended. Kh.M. Mamatkulov is the author of more than 250 scientific articles, a large number of teaching aids and recommendations, he was a conscientious, modest, decent and careful mentor.

Professor Mamatkulov H.M.

  The department continued research on the development and tactics of treating broncho-pulmonary pathology and rheumatism. M.N.Abdullaeva, Zh.T. Turakulov, T.A. Bobomurodov, M.A.Melieva, D.T.Rabbimova studied various aspects of changes in metabolism, endocrine and immune systems in sick children with acute pneumonia, and introduced them into practice appropriate treatment tactics. A.Ch. Galimova and Kh.N. Shodieva studied the course of broncho-pulmonary diseases and cardiopathy on the background of pecilomycosis fungus, respectively, and proposed new methods of treatment. T.A. Bobomurodov was the first in the republic to develope an effective method of treatment with regional lymphatic antibiotic therapy and infrared rays of bronchopulmonary diseases in children. He was registered and received a patent for an invention. (2002).
  In the department of the clinic, special attention was paid to the creation of a new method of treating chronic pneumonia in children. L.A. Mukhammadieva, O. A. Sharipova, D.Kh. Mamatkulova developed modern diagnostics and methods of treatment of this disease. N.K. Askarova introduced into practice an effective method of treating perinatal encephalopathy. Kh.N. Norboyev studied the state of the immune system and hemocoagulation in young children associated with acute pneumonia infectious alimentary anemia and using thymalin as an immunomodulator for treatment, as a result of which he achieved a rapid restoration of the immune system and an improvement in hemocoagulation parameters.
  M.Kh. Mukhsinova confirmed that in the treatment of obstructive bronchopulmonary diseases, the use of various types of immunomodulators gives a highly effective result. OG Rasulova studied the clinical and immunological features of the violation of nitrogen and purine metabolism in young children with pneumonia against the background of exudative-catarrhal diathesis, and recommended the use of drugs tocopheral acetate and riboxin in the treatment.
  During this period, the associate professors worked R.R. Ruziev, G.N. Kudratova, B.A. Inamova, assistants to M.M. Toshpulatova, M.T. Rustamov, L.V. Lieberman, M.R. Mirzaeva, M. M. Mukhitdinova, Kh.N. Norboev, A.K. Nabiev, G.A. Melieva, O.Sh. Shodieva.
  It should be especially remembered the services and work of associate professor R.R. Ruziev, who helped develop rational treatment tactics, the provision of correct and timely medical care to sick children in the department.

Ruziev Rashid.Ruziyevich.

  Rashid Ruzievich Ruziev was born in 1938 in the Nurata district (now Navoi) of the Samarkand region. He graduated from the medical faculty of the Samarkand Medical Institute in 1963, and began his medical career in the department of childhood diseases of the clinic. His great concern for children, his tolerance became the reason for deeply studying the difficult and honorable profession of a doctor. RR Ruziev for almost 45 years continuously worked as an assistant, associate professor of the department.

Associate professor Ruziev R.R.'s round

  During 1991-1993, A.K. Nabiev worked as an assistant in the department, ZO Bahranova worked as an intern in 1993-1995, and T.A. Bobomuradov was the head of the department in 1995-2004. The department was designed for 75 beds.
  Turdikul Akramovich Bobomuradov was born in 1964 in the Bakhmal province of the Jizzakh region. He graduated from the Pediatric Faculty of SamMI in 1987. He began his medical career as a pediatrician on duty. In 1990-1993 he studied in graduate school at the Department of Pediatrics. In 1994 he defended his Ph.D. thesis. Since 1995, he worked at the department as an assistant and at the same time served as the head of the Department. In providing treatment in the clinic according to the subject of his doctoral dissertation Bobomuradov carried out scientific research and in 2002 he successfully defended his doctoral dissertation. In 2004-2006, simultaneously with the post of professor of the department, he served as chairman of the trade union committee of the institute, dean of the Medical Faculty. Since 2006, he continued his labor activity at the Tashkent Medical Academy.

Professor T.A. Bobomuratov

  The courses of children's diseases of the medical faculty on the basis of the department were managed in 2000-2004 by Associate Professor G.N. Kudratova, in 2004-2006 by Associate Professor T.A. Bobomuradov.
  Gulsara Nazhmitdinovna Kudratova was born in 1946 in the city of Kitab, Kashkadarya region. In 1968, after graduating from the Samarkand Medical Institute, she began her medical career in the clinic. In 1968-1973 she worked as a resident at the Department of Pediatrics and studied in graduate school, in 1973-1984 she worked as an assistant. In 1975 she defended her Ph.D. thesis. Since 1984 G.N. Kudratova is associate professor of the department, since 2000 she was the head of the pediatrics course of the Faculty of General Medicine.
  L.A. Mukhammadieva was born in 1962 in the city of Samarkand. In 1985 she graduated from the Pediatric Faculty of the Samarkand State Medical Institute with honors. In 1985-1987 she was a clinical resident of the Department of Children's Diseases of the Faculty of Medicine. In 1987-1990 she studied at the aimed postgraduate course at the Research Institute of Pediatrics of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences in Moscow and successfully defended her Ph.D. thesis in 1990 on the topic "Geno and phenotypic characteristics of children with acute pneumonia." From 1990 to 2012 she worked as an assistant and from 2012 to the present time she is an associate professor, doctor of medical sciences, Head of the Department of 3- Pediatrics and Medical Genetics. She has several patents for invention, has published 2 monographs and more than 100 scientific publications.
  In 2018-2019, 3 doctoral dissertations were defended at the department: L.A. Mukhammadieva, O.A. Sharipova and N.I. Akhmedzhanova.

  Currently there are in staff membersat the department: MD, Assoc. professor Mukhammadieva Lola Atamuradovna, associate professor, doctor of medical sciences Sharipova Oliya Askarovna, senior teacher Melieva Gulsara Atabaevna, ass. Mamatkulova Dilrabo Khamidovna, senior teacher Turaeva Nafisa Omanovna, 2nd year doctoral student Bakhranov Sherzod Samievich, ass. Rustamova Gulnoza Rustamovna, ass. Lapasova Mukhtaram Shermukhamedovna, ass. intern Khusainova Shirin Kamiljonovna, ass. intern Kuldashev Sardor Furkatovich, ass. intern Ruzmetova Saodat Umarzhanovna, ass. intern Umarova Saodat Sulaimonovna, ass. intern Abdurakhmonov Zhasur Nematovich, ass. intern Safoeva Zebo Farkhotovna, ass. intern Azimova Kamola Talatovna.

Spiritual and educational work of the department

  One of the main activities of the department is the formation of high moral values among students, fostering interest in professional activity, the need for a healthy lifestyle, attracting students to cultural events of the institute. To carry out these tasks, the department has tutors, whose activities are carried out according to the approved plan. Under the guidance of tutors, the students of the department actively participate in public events, organize cultural leisure, visit historical monuments and sights of Samarkand, theaters and museums.

Ass. Rustamova G.R. with students

  Spiritual and educational work is carried out on the basis of the approved plan of the institute, according to which various events are held devoted to historical dates, national holidays, sports competitions, etc. Various meetings are held together with the internal affairs bodies, law enforcement agencies, centers of spirituality and other partner organizations.

Ass. Mamatkulova D.Kh. with a curatorial group in the museum

Educational and methodical work at the department is organized in accordance with educational regulatory documents of the Republic of Uzbekistan:

1. Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Education (August 29, 1997).
2. National training program (August 29, 1997).
3. "Regulations on higher education" approved by the Ministry of the Armed Forces. From 9.01.2003
4. State educational standard in the direction 5510200 "Pediatric Affair".
5. Curricula for the educational direction "Pediatrics", "Medical Affair", "Medical and Pedagogical Affair" approved by the Ministry of Higher Education.
6. Standard and work programs in subjects.
7. "Regulations on the rating system for monitoring and assessing students' knowledge" approved by the order of the Ministry of Higher Education No. 204 of 2009 as amended on the basis of the order of the Ministry of Higher Education No. 333 of 2010.

The scientific activity of the department is carried out in the following areas:

1. Actual problems of chronic non-specific lung diseases.
2. Actual problems of acute rheumatic fever.
3. Actual problems of bronchial asthma, obstructive bronchitis and laryngotracheitis.

  Over the past 3 years, based on the results of completed research projects, 3 doctoral dissertations have been defended and 2 dissertations are being prepared for the defense of a PhD degree, over 100 scientific works have been published, including 45 abroad, 3 monographs, 2 computer programs have been published. the staff of the department organized webinars with foreign colleagues, employees participated with reports at international conferences, all employees have certificates of participants in international conferences. Currently, scientific research is being actively introduced in the study of obstructive bronchitis, bronchial asthma, acute rheumatic fever.