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Department of internal diseases of pediatric faculty

Babamuradova Zarrina Bakhtiyarovna
Head of the Department of Internal medicine, PhD

Time of receipt: Monday-Saturday: 08:30-14:00
Phone: (998) 94 642-35-02
(998) 91 550-97-79
Adress: Samarkand City, 18, Mahdumi Azam street


Full Name Position
Babamuradova Zarrina Bakhtiyarovna

Head of the Department
Ishankulova Dilorom Kamarovna Associate Professor
Toshnazarov Shukhrat Miyzamovich Assistant
Nasirova Aziza Akbarovna Assistant
Shodieva Gulzoda Rabimkulovna Assistant
Nizomov Bakhtiyor Urakovich Assistant
Iskandarova Farida Ismoilovna


  The Department of Internal Diseases of the Faculty of Pediatrics was organized in 1973 and was located base on the Therapeutic Department of the Republican Scientific and Practical Center for Emergency Medicine of the Samarkand branch. The organizer and the first head of the department was Honored Scientist of Uzbekistan, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Uktam Karimovna Vakhabova.
  Vakhabova U.K. worked as the head of the Department of Internal Medicine of the Pediatric Faculty from 1973 to 2005. During these years Vakhabova U.K. together with Blinov, Valery Anatolyevich, contributed to scientific activities on the topic "Epidemiological, clinical and experimental studies of coronary heart disease in the Samarkand region." Uktam Karimovna Vakhobova, born in 1928 d.m.s. (1972) Professor (1973) Honored Scientist of the Republic of Uzbekistan (1980). She was born in the city of Margilan, graduated from SamMI. with honors in 1950 and from that year began working at the Institute of Cl. Resident of the Department of Hospital Therapy (1950-1953), Postgraduate Student (1953-1956), Assistant (1956-1959) of the same Department, Associate Professor of the Department of Propaedeutic of Internal Diseases (1959-1963), Head of the Department of Propaedeutic of Internal Diseases (1963-1965). Since 1973 she has been the head of the department of therapy of the pedagogical faculty until 2005 Currently, professor of the Department of Internal Medicine, Pedagogical Faculty. Uktam Karimovna, while working at the department, was Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs (1961-1966), Rector of SamMI (1966-1981). From 1982 to 1986 he was the vice-rector of TashMI. (1986-2005) Head Department of Internal Diseases, Pedagogical Faculty, SamMI. Since 2005 professor of this department. She was twice elected to the Supreme Soviet of the former USSR. U.K. Vakhobova published more than 200 scientific works, under her supervision 2 doctoral, 10 candidate dissertations were defended. She has been awarded 3 orders and many medals. Davidyan Artsvik Arfiyarovich - candidate of medical sciences, associate professor, headed the department from 2005 to 2014. Vakhabova U.K. continued to work with him at the department. A.A. Davidyan conducted research in the field of pulmonology, studied exogenous alveolitis in tobacco growers in the Zerafshan region. At the same time he worked as chairman of the trade union committee of SamMI. In 2014-2017, the Department of Internal Medicine of the Pediatric Faculty was headed by Doctor of Medical Sciences. Sh.Kh. Ziyadullaev. During these years in the work of the department, there have been positive shifts in the scientific and pedagogical activities of the department. There were several publications, guidelines for the field of immunology and molecular genetics. Aghababyan I.R. - Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Internal Diseases of the Pediatric Faculty from 2017 to 2020. During the work of SamMI, she published over 20 scientific papers. She has made a great contribution to the field of cardiology, carried out research work with masters in chronic heart failure, myocardial infarction. Babamuradova Zarrina Bakhtiyarovna. Head of the Department of Internal Medicine of the Pediatric Faculty since 2020. From 2018-2020, she carried out research work on “Undifferentiated connective tissue dysplasia” with scientific supervisor Gulandom Zikriyaevna Shodikulova.

Vakhabova U. K.

Davidyan A.A

Agababyan I. R.

Ziyadullaev Sh. H.


  Activities on spirituality and enlightenment at the department are carried out according to the plan approved by the vice-rector for spirituality and enlightenment. There is a weekly online meeting and every hour is dedicated to a specific topic. After carrying out all this is recorded in the protocol.
  Soleeva S.Sh., Shodieva G.R. and Nizamov B.U staff of the department, acting as a coach and acting on decisions for 1st and 3rd year students of the Faculty of Pediatrics.


  Educational and methodical work at the department is organized in accordance with the educational regulatory documents of the Republic of Uzbekistan:
1. Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Education (August 29, 1997).
2. National training program (August 29, 1997).
3. "Regulations on higher education" approved by the Ministry of the Armed Forces of the USSR. From 9.01.2003
4. State educational standard in the direction 5510200 "Pediatric business".
5. Curricula for the educational direction "Pediatrics", approved by the Ministry of Higher Education.
6. Standard and work programs in subjects.
7. "Regulations on the rating system for monitoring and assessing students' knowledge" approved by the order of the Ministry of Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus No. 204 of 2009 with amendments based on the order of the Ministry of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation No. 333 of 2010.
8. Order of the rector of SamMI №43 dated September 12, 2013 "On the organization of the educational process at the institute on a modular training system."
9. Order of the rector of SamMI №951 / U dated December 19, 2013 "On the organization of the educational process at the institute in the electronic learning system intranet."
10. Minutes of the Academic Council of SamMI No. 9 dated June 15, 2016 "Recommendations for the assessment and control of educational activities of students in the credit-modular system of organizing the educational process."
At the Department of Internal Diseases of the Pediatric Faculty, students of the 3rd, 4th and 6th courses of the pediatric faculty, as well as the 2nd, 3rd and 4th courses of the medical-preventive faculties on the subject "Internal Medicine.
  The goal of science teaching is to develop skills in diagnosing and treating typical forms of the most common internal diseases.
  The task of science is to form knowledge on the etiology, pathogenesis, clinic, classification, complications of clinical manifestations, treatment and prevention of internal diseases; to improve the skills of collecting medical records and examinations of patients in the system; teaching the basic clinical criteria of diseases; teaching to substantiate and formulate initial and clinical diagnosis; training in the development of an examination plan, physician tactics and complex treatment; diagnosis using laboratory, equipment, clinical guidelines; training to interpret the results of laboratory and instrumental testing methods; formation of knowledge on the principles of differential diagnosis and final diagnosis; is to develop the ability to provide emergency care in emergencies. Intermediate and final control and assessment of students 'knowledge is carried out using computer tests and the "OSKE" method, which, in turn, provides an objective assessment of students' knowledge.


  The teaching staff of the department is 8 people. All employees of the department are involved in research work.
  The main scientific direction of the department: Study of the prevalence of undifferentiated connective tissue dysplasia, coronary artery disease and arterial hypertension, CHF, bronchial asthma and COPD. Treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of patients.

Scientific adviser: PhD Babamuradova Z.B, Ishankulova D.K.
Performers: ass. Nasirova G.R., Shodieva G.R., Nizomov B.U., Soleeva S.Sh, Ruzieva A.A. Information on the research results and publications of professors and teachers of the Department of Internal Medicine of the Pediatric Faculty
Scientific potential - 25%.
Thesis topic approval: 2 person.
Published articles:
• total - 30
of which:
• in the republic: = 10
• abroad: = 20
• Scopus in Web of Science: 11
• Published monographs: 1 person
• Published school-books: 1 person
For three years more than 100 articles and abstracts, 4 methodological manuals, 2 monographs have been published.

For SSS, the responsible employee of the department Ruzieva A.A. actively working with students, every week an online zoom circle is held, according to the plan approved by the department.

  In 2020, the resident of the magistracy of the III course Ismoilova Y.A. made a presentation at the online conference "Actual issues of modern medicine" and received a diploma of the III degree.The participation of students in the work of student scientific circles is an integral part of the educational process in the work of the faculty, in which more than 150 students work. The materials of their research work are annually reported at the conference of young scientists of the university, and the best works are delegated to interuniversity scientific conferences, from where we get 10-15 prize places annually. This allows the dean's office upon graduation to graduate education by students to be guided by the appointment of nominal scholarship holders, to conduct their competitive selection for recommendations for scientific work, postgraduate studies, internships abroad, and the like.


At the Department of Internal Diseases of the Pediatric Faculty, students of the pediatric, preventive medicine faculty of our institute are engaged.

  The following subjects are taught at the Department of Internal Diseases of the Pediatric Faculty: "Propedeutics of Internal Diseases", "Internal Diseases", "Hospital Internal Diseases". During the year at the department, all subjects are taught according to the schedule compiled by the educational part of the institute. On the basis of the standard program for each subject, a work program has been drawn up.

  All work programs were approved at the meeting of the department, the dean's office and the meeting of the CMS. The training guidelines on all topics were reviewed and approved again according to the curriculum in two languages.

  Lectures on the subject of internal medicine are read by Z.B. Babamuradova, associate professor D.K. Ishankulova. The practical lesson is conducted by the assistants of the department. When conducting practical classes, modern pedagogical technologies are widely used. Such as round table, pen in the middle of the table, bee swarm, brainstorming, crossword puzzle, hot potato, rotation method, 3x4, cluster, and others. In our department, the following interactive teaching methods are often used: "round table", "pen in the middle of the table", "swarm", "brainstorming", "hot potatoes", "3x4", "cluster" and in the lecture "questions - answers ". The staff of the department brings to the attention of students all the news on the Internet and modern magazines. Currently, due to the pandemic, training is carried out on the online platform For a deeper assimilation of the subject, computer technology is widely used. Symptoms and syndromes are learned through electronic textbooks, manuals, slides and many other teaching methods for students. Computer technology empowers students to develop independent clinical thinking, thereby increasing the level of knowledge.
  Intermediate and final controls and assessment of students 'knowledge are carried out using computer testing and the “OSKE” method and this, in turn, provides an objective assessment of students' knowledge. In order to increase the comprehensibility of the subject, students are fully provided with educational literature provided by the information resource center of the institute.
  The text of the lecture material is annually revised and supplemented with modern relevant data. In addition, tables, slides, albums, handouts are used in teaching students. Compiled and approved at the department of the schedule of sessions of the IWS.
Particular attention is paid to the department work among gifted students. For them, separate tests, situational tasks, topics are compiled.