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Information about cookies

  The main purpose of cookies is to allow the user to access selected services more quickly. When you access a website through your personal device, data from its web server is downloaded to your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, i.e. device. These are so-called cookies ("cookies").

  "Cookies" store information about the user's settings related to this website and which pages are visited more often, authorisation and other statistical information. For example, the server remembers you precisely because of the cookie and does not ask for a username and password the next time you log in. For example, even if you don't have an account with the online shop, you will see that the products you have placed in the shopping cart are not disappearing the next time you access the site. As we've said before, a cookie is a file that is downloaded to a user's device to store information that can be updated and retrieved, and sometimes, in certain cases, it can pose certain risks to the user.

What cookies does * use? and websites (,, do not collect or store data through cookies (except site logs). Only the browser uses cookies to access the systems faster and more conveniently.