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Comprehensive open lecture of the MESCA Foundation in SamSMU

  On June 19-22, on the part of the Foundation MESCA conducts ophthalmological, dental and otorhinolaryngological screening of children with Down syndrome in the multidisciplinary clinic of Samarkand State Medical University. An open lecture on Down syndrome and its prevention, diagnosis and treatment of keratoconus was organized as part of the campaign.

  The report outlined measures aimed at providing quality medical care to socially unprotected population in Uzbekistan and Central Asia, outlined the latest information on Down syndrome, methods of its prevention and treatment, and gave comprehensive answers to questions that arose.

  The lecture also included a video link via Zoom with Dr. Farhad Hafezi, Professor of ELZA Institute, and information about keratoconus diagnosis and treatment methods.

SamSMU Press Service