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Screening examination of children with Down syndrome by MESCA Foundation

  From June 19 to June 22, MESCA Foundation conducts ophthalmological, dental and otorhinolaryngological examination of more than 200 children with Down syndrome in the surgical center of the multidisciplinary clinic of Samarkand State Medical University.

  The examination was carried out by specialists from Switzerland, Tashkent and experienced specialists from the departments of Samarkand State Medical University. The MESCA Foundation has been screening children with Down syndrome in Uzbekistan since 2023. One of them is ophthalmologic screening for detection of keratoconus (keratoconus is a disease representing the development of progressive degenerative process of the cornea without inflammatory properties).

  The main goal of MESCA is to provide quality medical care to socially vulnerable people in Uzbekistan and Central Asia. MESCA is expanding health care services - not only eye examinations, but also hearing and dental check-ups are conducted in Samarkand. In addition, a symposium on health care challenges of the Pediatric and Neurology Society of Uzbekistan is planned for physicians, clinical residents and students of SamSMU. There will also be an open clinical training on diagnosis and treatment of keratoconus, and master classes for parents and teachers of children with Down syndrome. These workshops will support education in the field of preventive medicine, i.e. at the stage of disease prevention.

SamSMU Press Service