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Cooperation with Swiss company "Diatech SA" established

  On June 13, head of Swiss supplier of medical equipment and services "Diatech SA" in Uzbekistan and Central Asia Umid Vokhidov and regional manager of the company Suhrob Islamov visited Samarkand State Medical University. The guests were received by the rector of the university, Professor Zhasur Rizaev.

  During the meeting, a memorandum was signed between Samarkand State Medical University and "Diatech SA" company, aimed at establishing mutual cooperation. According to the memorandum, an agreement was reached to create conditions for further formation of skills to work with modern and high-tech medical devices and organization of joint training for students and staff of Samarkand State Medical University. It is also envisaged to realize joint projects in research projects.

  For information: the main activity of the Swiss company "Diatech SA" is the supply of various medical equipment to hospitals, medical, scientific and research institutions in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Mediterranean region. The company is a leading distributor in the market of medical equipment in Uzbekistan. The company's innovative solutions, developed for the Uzbek market, make it possible to make accurate diagnoses and guarantee that the population receives quality medical care.

SamSMU Press Service