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III Alumni Forum of Samarkand State Medical University

  On May 24-25 of the current year "Meeting of three generations" with alumni of different years was held at Samarkand State Medical University. 

  The alumni visited Samarkand State Medical University and got acquainted with current activities, organization of education system and created conditions for higher professional education. A visit to the university history museum was organized, where they witnessed interesting information and exhibits on the history of the university.

  The solemn part of the welcoming ceremony was attended by alumni who graduated from the university in different years, honorary professors and teachers, representatives of the health sector, as well as SamDSU graduates currently working in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Greece and the USA. Speaking at the opening ceremony of the III Alumni Forum, Rector of Samarkand State Medical University Zhasur Rizayev talked about the main stages of history and formation of the University, training more than fifty thousand qualified personnel not only in our republic, but also in the world health care system, informed about today's projects implemented at the University.

  During the forum, speeches of alumni of different years were heard and memorable gifts were received from its alumni. SamSMU Alumni Association presented to the participants of the meeting breastplates "For loyalty to the medical profession", "For loyalty to the University" and "For contribution to the international prestige of the University".

  The "Meeting of three generations" held within the framework of the III SamSMU Alumni Forum continued with songs and dances of stage groups and creative students of the University.

SamSMU Press Service