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Meeting with SamSMU graduates from Kashkadarya region was held

  Samarkand State Medical University has students from different regions of the country. In particular, there are many students and graduates from Kashkadarya region of the republic.

  On May 21 of the current year, Alisher Boboev, Head of the Health Department of Kashkadarya region, heads of district medical associations visited Samarkand State Medical University and held a meeting with students from this region.

  During the meeting, an open dialog was held, during which students graduating from bachelor's degree and clinical residency program were presented information about jobs in Kashkadarya region, available vacancies, benefits and preferences for employment. The graduates were offered to continue their further labor activity in the region.

  The participants of the meeting had an opportunity to get answers to all their questions.

SamSMU Press Service