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Discussion was held with professors and teachers of Samarkand State Medical University in the military section

  Many events, meetings and roundtable discussions are being organized at Samarkand State Medical University in connection with "May 9 - Day of Remembrance and Appreciation". In particular, yesterday, professors and teachers of the Department of Biological Chemistry of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the Samarkand State Medical University visited the 95659 military unit in the city of Samarkand.

  During the visit, the university employees had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the activities of the military unit and its conditions. Also, a round discussion was organized with the soldiers of the 4th company with the participation of Major K. Ergashev.

  Associate Professors of the Department of Biological Chemistry, K. T. Savetov and K. I. Nurboyev, who spoke in the interview, said that man, nation and people are alive with the sense of historical memory, Memory - which means yesterday's past, the legacy of our ancestors, our national heritage - illuminates our lives like the petals of a holy book. they pointed out that it was a lamp.

  Memory and appreciation are one of the age-old values   and great virtues of our people. People who fought for the country's peace, tranquility, will and freedom are always in the honor of our nation. It is our highest duty to remember the memory of our grandfathers who sacrificed their lives on the battlefield, who showed such an example of courage and bravery. After all, "Man is dear, memory is sacred."

SamSMU Press Service