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Seminar was held during the "Emergency Protection and Civil Protection Month"

  From March 15 to April 15 of this year, "Emergency Protection and Civil Protection Month" is being held across the territory of our Republic. A training seminar was also organized at the Samarkand State Medical University.

  The seminar was attended by the head of the Samarkand region FVBHFXO'M, lieutenant colonel M.Djaniyev, employees of the FVBHFXO'M A.Turdikulov, S.Adilov, Kh.Zoirova, B.Mirzaqobilov and the Department of Civil and Labor Protection of the Technical Use and Economic Department of the university. Department of Education, Work with Youth, Spirituality-Enlightenment Department staff leaders, prevention inspector of Samarkand State Medical University, professors and students participated.

     Those who spoke at the event elaborated on the work being done on the prevention and elimination of emergency situations, the reasons for holding the monthly event, its importance and the main goal of the monthly event, and invited all the participants of the event to participate in the monthly event. They called for active participation in the activities to be carried out during

     Also, during the event, the FVB organized an exhibition and practical training sessions, and experts answered the questions that arose.

SamSMU Press Service