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An event focused on ecology and environment protection was held at Samarkand State Medical University

  Today, the negative ecological situation on our planet and the sharp reduction of the world of animals and plants have become a universal problem. In this regard, systematic measures are being implemented in all countries, including our country.

  In particular, an event dedicated to "March 3 - World Wildlife Day" was organized at the Samarkand State Medical University, focusing on issues of ecology and environmental protection. The event was attended by A. Makhmudova, head of the Department of Social Humanities, M. Zaripov, deputy dean of the 1st Faculty of Medicine, tutors and students of the faculty.

  During the event, information was provided about the current ecological situation of the world, endangered plants and animals. Also, the causes of the increasingly polluted air, the increasingly complicated ecological situation, the negative impact of the human factor on nature were also discussed, and the need to preserve the environment and treat it fairly was emphasized.

  During the event, students had the opportunity to get answers to the questions they were interested in.

SamSMU Press Service