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An event called "Traditions Reflecting Our Nationality" was held in the student dormitory

  Youth Union Primary Organization of Samarkand State Medical University Number 2 Faculty of Medicine and Faculty Coordinator organized an event called "Traditions of our Nationality" among students in Student Residence Number 3

  National values include language, customs, history, culture, traditions, all material and spiritual wealth, all aspects of economic, social and political life of each nation. Bringing them to students is one of the main tasks of today.

  This event was held in order to increase and strengthen the place of Uzbek national values in the education of young people, and to promote our precious, original national values inherited from our great ancestors.

  Exhibitions promoting national dishes and customs and traditions of nations were presented at this event.

  Also, in the directions of "National dress", "National song" and "National dance" collective performances were presented by students, reflecting our national values and traditions.

  Those who spoke at the event emphasized that values are one of the most important factors that reflect the past, present and future of every nation.

  At the end of the event, the female tutors of the 2nd Faculty of Medicine were congratulated by the students on the International Women's Day on March 8 and those who actively participated in the event were awarded souvenirs, diplomas and certificates.

SamSMU Press Service