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An event on gender equality issues was organized at Samarkand State University

  Gender equality equality between men and women is a concept that implies the achievement of equal rights between men and women in the family and society and other legal relations. The principle of gender equality is to study and eliminate all social barriers that prevent a person from emerging as a person, as well as to create equal social opportunities for realizing the personality of men and women in all spheres of life.

  On February 21 of this year, an event dedicated to gender equality was organized at Samarkand State Medical University at the initiative of  deputy dean for working with women N.K.Rakhmonovna, Faculty of Medicine Number 1 Faculty members, department heads and students participated in the event.

  At the event, in recent years, reforms aimed at achieving equal rights and opportunities for women and men in our country, ensuring their equal participation in the management of society and state affairs, supporting women in social and legal terms, as well as protecting women from oppression and violence was being implemented, it was noted that a number of legal documents had been adopted on the issue.

SamSMU Press Service