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A meeting of the governor of Koshrabot district and students was held

  In cooperation with the Samarkand State Medical University and the administration of the Koshrabot district, a meeting was held between students and the administration of the Koshrabad district on February 15. Koshrabot district governor Shakarboyev Dilshod Davronovich and district officials, rector of Samarkand State Medical University Jasur Rizayev and professors, teachers, masters, rectors and bachelors of the university took part in the event.

  At the meeting, a number of issues such as ensuring the employment of the graduates of the Koshrabot region, providing them with various practical assistance, and involving the graduates of the Samarkand State Medical University in the district health care system were in the center of attention.

  During the event, the Rector of Samarkand State Medical University, Jasur Rizayev, presented a letter of thanks to the mayor of Koshrabot district, Shakarboev Dilshod Davronovich, for his practical assistance to the health care system and his contribution to providing medical care to the population and improving their medical culture.

  Also, for their selfless work in the training of qualified medical personnel, the professors and teachers of the university, as well as the exemplary behavior, thirst for knowledge and initiative in the educational process, were presented with a letter of thanks, a certificate of honor and souvenirs.

  For information, it can be said that there are currently 160 students at Samarkand State Medical University; 147 of them are bachelors, 1 master, 12 clinical residents are studying.

SamSMU Press Service