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A promotion event was held with students

  A number of measures are being implemented to prevent students studying at Samarkand State Medical University from falling under the influence of various destructive currents and foreign ideas, as well as to prevent crimes and violations among them.

  In particular, today, a promotional event was held with the 1st-2nd year students of the medical faculty of Number 1, to prevent students and young people from falling under the influence of various roads and promote compliance with traffic rules, as well as fight against corruption.

  The event was attended by head of the Samarkand city traffic safety department  Z. Akhmedov, university inspector O. Eshmurodov, B. Rashidov, chief specialist of the "Compliance control" system management department for combating corruption. Necessary information on the subject was given and all questions of students' interest were answered.

SamSMU Press Service