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The 583rd anniversary of Alisher Navoi's birth was widely celebrated

  Every year February 9 - the birthday of Hazrat Alisher Navoi is widely celebrated throughout our country. In particular, the 583rd anniversary of the great thinker poet's birth was widely celebrated in Samarkand. A ceremony of placing flowers at the base of the statue of Hazrat Navoi, a poet, state and public figure, sultan of words, who made a great contribution to the development of our language, was held at the Alisher Navoi Park in Samarkand.

  A number of officials of the city of Samarkand, representatives of the industry, representatives of higher education institutions and students took part in the event. Also, the team of Samarkand State Medical University took part in the holiday event.

  Navoi's genius was recognized at the event, and the rich literary and scientific legacy left by him was discussed. The work of the poet, which reflects universal ideas, should be studied and widely promoted.

SamSMU Press Service