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The Navoi event was held

  February 9 is the birthday of Alisher Navoi, the Sultan of poem, a state and public figure. In connection with this date, various meetings and festive events are held in places. In particular, on the eve of the 583rd anniversary of Alisher Navoi's birth, events are being organized at the Samarkand State Medical University to study and promote the scientific and artistic heritage of our thinker grandfather.

  On February 8 of this year, the Faculty of Dentistry of Samarkand State Medical University organized an event for Alisher Navoi's birthday. The dean of the faculty A. Akhmedov, deputy deans, tutors and professors and the preventive inspector of the university took part in the event and said that events should be held to study Navoi's spirit and his creativity.

  Poems from the creative heritage of our great-grandfather were sung at the event, and the poet's genius was recognized. Artistic performances, stage shows and songs performed by the students of the faculty gave a special spirit to the event.

  Also, the dean of the faculty gave letters of thanks to the students and their parents who set an example in the faculty with their knowledge, potential and activity.

SamSMU Press Service