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A well-known immunologist professor gave a lecture at SamSMU

  On January 27 of this year, an open comprehensive lecture was organized for doctoral students, clinical residents, students of advanced training courses at Samarkand State Medical University.

  A leading researcher of the Institute of Immunology and Genomics of the Republic of Uzbekistan, doctor of medical sciences, professor Ismailova Adolat Abdurahimovna gave a lecture on the topic "Clinical description and laboratory diagnosis of primary immunodeficiency at the current stage" and gave the necessary insights and recommendations.

  Primary immunodeficiency (PID) is a disorder of the immune response caused by genetic defects. In most cases, they are hereditary and congenital pathologies. PIDs are often diagnosed early in life, but sometimes they are not diagnosed until adolescence or even adulthood.

  PID is a group of congenital disorders with different clinical manifestations. The International Classification of Diseases includes 36 well-described and well-studied primary immunodeficiency states.

  The speaker gave detailed answers to the questions on the topic.

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