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Charity event "Donate blood - give life" was held

  Blood is considered the most important vital factor in the human body, plays a key role in the transportation, regulation and restoration of human health. Blood loss due to accidents and various diseases leads to the need for blood transfusions and the need for donors.

  Therefore, in order to promote donation and contribute to saving people's lives, the charity event "Donate blood - give life" was organized on January 18 of this year.Samarkand State Medical University took an active part in the event under the slogan "I am a donor" and contributed to the worthy work. A team of volunteers consisting of university employees and students donated blood at the Blood Transfusion Center of Samarkand region.

  And at the meeting organized as part of the campaign, the demand for donated blood in our Republic is high, the conditions and rules of the procedure for donating were discussed in detail, and it was emphasized that it is an honorable task.

  Thanks were expressed to the team and active employees of Samarkand State Medical University, who have been showing constant initiative in this action.

  Taking into account the high demand for blood donation, we invite all volunteers to actively participate in this good action!

SamSMU Press Service