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Spiritual and educational matters meeting was held

  On January 15 of this year, a meeting was held under the leadership of the first vice-rector for youth affairs and spiritual-educational affairs of Samarkand State Medical University Eldor Sayfullaevich Tangirov.The meeting was attended by the deputy deans for work with youth, tutors, university prevention inspector O.Eshmurotov, university psychologist D.Djurayeva, head of the press service O.Akhmedov, leader of the university youth union X.Abbasov and head of the student dormitory department B.Yoldashev.

  During the meeting, the spiritual and educational work, organized events and contests were discussed and analyzed.And a plan of measures to be implemented during 2024 has been developed. Necessary recommendations were given. In particular, during the year, in order to help students spend their leisure time meaningfully and to protect them from the effects of various harmful diseases, they were given the task of organizing spiritual and educational events, holding various interesting games in student residences: reading contests, wit games.

SamSMU Press Service