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A preventive meeting with university students was held

  In order to prevent cases of crime, violation and joining foreign religious movements among the students of Samarkand State Medical University, roundtable discussions are organized with students. In particular, on December 18 of this year, a preventive roundtable discussion was organized with the students of the Faculty of Pediatrics of the Samarkand State Medical University as part of the fight against religious extremism and terrorism and the prevention of the use of pyrotechnics.

  The event was attended by Elyorbek Oripov Alimovich, advisor to the Rector of Samarkand State Medical University O. Eshmurodov, preventive inspector of the university Salokhiddin Mukhiddinov, employee of the Department of Work with Youth  Spirituality and Enlightenment, and tutors and students of the Faculty of Pediatrics. At the roundtable discussion, students were given insights into religious extremism and terrorism, and necessary recommendations were given to build immunity against such harmful currents. Awareness and intelligence are the demand of the times.

  In the interview, the preventive inspector of the university, O. Eshmurodov, organized a lecture on "Combating the spread and use of pyrotechnics", and in connection with the upcoming holiday, not to use various illegal and harmful explosive devices, muscles and pyrotechnics, to observe the rules of behavior in public places and provided insights on preventing violations. Also, in relation to the person engaged in the sale of pyrotechnics or their handling and use, as specified in Article 1851 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan "Illegal handling of pyrotechnic articles", that is, illegal production, preparation, storage, transportation, dispatch, use of pyrotechnic articles, as well as their illegal import (export from the Republic of Uzbekistan) or transfer to the Republic of Uzbekistan - confiscation of the offending items and the imposition of a fine of five to twenty times the amount of the base calculation was explained.

  At the event, students had the opportunity to get answers to the questions they were interested in.

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