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A master class was organized for students of the Faculty of Dentistry

  On December 18 of this year, a master class was organized by Belenova Irina Aleksandrovna, a professor of Voronezh State Medical University named after N. N. Burdenko, for students of the Faculty of Dentistry at Samarkand State Medical University. The event was attended by A.A. Ahmedov, Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry of SamSMU, Head of the Department of Stomatology, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor, N.Nazarova, and students.

  "Destructive root pathology or longitudinal fracture: who is to blame?" and what should be done?' In the lecture on the subject, students were given in-depth information about dental pathology, its symptoms and treatment methods. In particular, information was given through the presentation about the cause of the disease, the pattern of development, course and consequences. At the end of the master class, students received answers to their questions.

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