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An event dedicated to the Constitution Day was held in the student dormitory

  On the eve of the upcoming 31st anniversary of our Constitution, many festive events are being held throughout our Republic. In particular, in connection with the date, a number of events and competitions are being organized at the Samarkand State Medical University.

  Celebrations dedicated to the 31st anniversary of our Constitution were organized yesterday at Samarkand State Medical University student dosrmitory Number 3 At the initiative of the Faculty of Medical Prevention and Public Health of SamSMU, the intellectual game "ZAKOVAT" was organized, and students' knowledge and skills about the new version of our constitution were tested. During the event, a picture exhibition was organized and pictures depicting our happiness were shown.

  Also, an artistic party dedicated to the Constitution Day was organized, and the students shared information with the audience with their presentations and performances. It is no exaggeration to say that the fun games not only gave the students high spirits, but also increased their knowledge and potential. At the end, winners and prize-winners, active participants were identified and awarded with diplomas, certificates and souvenirs.

SamSMU Press Service