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Practical seminar for dermatovenerologists, cosmetologists and gynecologists in SamSMU

  On November 23 of the current year a seminar "Face contouring, intimate contouring and ways to solve modern problems", dedicated to topical issues of modern dermatovenerology, cosmetology and gynecology, was organized in Samarkand State Medical University. Gynecologist, plastic surgeon Malika Adilova and dermatocosmetologist, Dr. Nigora Khodjaeva took part in the seminar as guest speakers.

  The seminar included master classes on new approaches in aesthetic gynecology, plastic surgery of face and different body parts, other topical issues and modern ways of their solution.

  The participants of the seminar had an opportunity to get answers to all their questions, having received the latest knowledge and skills in cosmetology, dermatology and other modern fields.

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