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SamSMU organized a seminar devoted to the learning of English language

  Today the study of foreign languages has become a necessity of time.  Therefore,  significant work is carried out to increase the level of mastering of foreign languages, in particular English, by students of bachelor's and master's degree programs, training of qualified personnel who know foreign languages and meet the world requirements in our country.

  On October 30 of the current year, a seminar "Teaching Modern English by Skillful Experts" with participation of foreign specialists was organized in Samarkand State Medical University.  The seminar was attended by Ralph Schusler, Professor of Florida International University, USA, English teacher; Feruz Muminov, founder of MINDED SCHOOL, an experienced specialist who graduated from Tokyo Riverside School and Tokyo School of Economics and Law; Saiyora Yorova, Head of the Foreign Languages Department of Samarkand State Medical University and students of this university.

  During the seminar the teachers familiarized the students with effective methods of quick and easy learning of modern English, intensive methods and created teaching aids.  Also during the meeting communication with students was organized, their suggestions and questions were answered.

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