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A meeting with representatives of "Ibrat farzandlari" project

  On October 28 of the current year, representatives of "Ibrat farzandlari" project, organized by the Agency for Youth Affairs, visited Samarkand State Medical University.  The main purpose of the meeting, organized on the initiative of the Primary Organization of the Youth Union of  SamSMU, was to tell about the project "Ibrat farzandlari", which today arouses great interest among young people and especially students due to its free online classes that give the opportunity to quickly and easily learn foreign languages, share information with students of SamSMU and organize open communication with them.

  During the meeting representatives talked about the "Ibrat farzandlari" project, its organization, opportunities and convenience of learning foreign languages. Also students got a chance to learn detailed answers to their questions from the representatives of this project.

SamSMU Press Service