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Seminar "Modern microbiologic diagnosis and adequate antibiotic therapy"

  On October 25, Professor of the Belarusian Medical Academy V.I. Zakharevich held a seminar on "Modern Microbiological Diagnostics and Adequate Antibiotic Therapy" within the framework of academic mobility in Samarkand State Medical University.

  Thus, opinions on classification, peculiarities of microbiologic diagnostics and consequences of antibiotic therapy, as well as its methods were exchanged at the seminar.  Prof. V.I.Zakharevich gave a lecture on this topic and with the help of statistical data presented information about microbiological diagnostics and antibiotic therapy, history of its formation and modern development.  Antibacterial approaches, results of bacteriologic studies, collection of materials for bacteriologic studies and a number of other issues were also discussed.

  The seminar participants had an opportunity to get answers to their questions.

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