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International scientific-practical conference "Modern achievements of science and practice of stomatology"

  On October 16, the international scientific-practical conference "Modern achievements of science and practice of dentistry" was held in Samarkand State Medical University.  Thus, qualified dentists of Samarkand State Medical University and our country, professors and teachers of higher educational institutions and dentists of foreign countries also took part in the international conference.

  Speakers at the opening of the conference emphasized that the organization of such events would take a great place in the development of modern dentistry and further strengthen mutual cooperation between higher medical educational institutions, wishing good luck to all participants.

  Additionally, various lectures on actual problems and news in the field of dentistry were given At the international scientific-practical conference.  In particular, Prof. Nikolay Ginali of Smolensk State Medical University of the Russian Federation made a lecture on "Acute dental trauma. Etiology, clinic, treatment, prevention", DSc, Professor Victoria Rudolfovna Shashmurina - on the topic "Modern algorithms of rehabilitation of patients with chronic periodontitis" and DSc, Professor Alexander Ivanovich Nikolaev - on the topic "Improvement of methods of aesthetic restoration with photocomposites".

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