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SamSMU hosted an international scientific-practical conference dedicated to the development of neurology

  On October 6-7, 2023, Samarkand State Medical University hosts the international scientific-practical conference "90th Anniversary of the Department of Neurology of SamSMU - Successes, Achievements, Prospects".  Professors and lecturers from Turkey, Israel, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Russia, as well as famous scientists and practitioners-specialists in the field of neurology from medical universities and centers of our republic take part in the two-day conference.

  Rector of Samarkand State Medical University Jasur Rizaev, Russian Federation and Rector of  North-West State Medical University named after I.I.Mechnikov, Professor Sergey Sayganov, Chief Neurologist of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Professor Majidova Yakutkhon Nabiyevna and other participants of the event emphasized the importance of studying the issues of modern neurology and pediatric neurology for public health, as well as the need to expand international cooperation between universities.

  The main objective of the conference is to develop the field of neurology, in accordance with the development strategy of Uzbekistan, and to introduce medical innovations from foreign countries, to find solutions to problems related to nervous diseases and modern approaches to the treatment of patients, to exchange knowledge and experience with foreign scientists in this sphere.  In this regard, the plenary session of the conference was devoted to the discussion of progress and prospects of neurology and pediatric neurology.  Lectures on the accumulated experience of the Department of Neurology and Pediatric Neurology of Samarkand State Medical University were heard.  The speeches of foreign specialists and young researchers attracted special attention of the participants.

  The next stage of the conference continued in two sections: such lectures as"Lymphatic system of the brain: role in physiology and clinic", "Pathophysiology of lacunar stroke - modern interpretation", "Anxiety disorders and their significance in clinical practice", "Modern possibilities of diagnostics and treatment of Duchenne myopathy", "Role of neurotrophic factors in diabetic polyneuropathy", "Modern approach to rehabilitation in Parkinson's disease" were given to participants.

  Technological and scientific achievements in the field of neurology in the following years, as well as future prospects were also discussed.

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