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A meeting of entrepreneurs and youth was held

SamSMU press serviceSamSMU press serviceSamSMU press serviceSamSMU press serviceSamSMU press service

  On October 5 of this year, a meeting “Entrepreneur and Youth” was organized for students of Samarkand State Medical University. The meeting was attended by Shukrullaev Dilshod Dalerovich, founder and director of the ZARMED PRATIKSHAH clinic.

  At the meeting, Vice-Rector of SamDTU on the principle of “Entrepreneurship and Youth” Tangirov Eldor Saifullaevich, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Youth and Spiritual Education, Coordinator of the Council of the Youth University “Union”, and active students.

  The meeting was organized in the form of a conversation with students, and Dilshod Dalerovich told the students about how he started his entrepreneurial activities in the field of medicine, as well as about his steps and efforts towards success. He also shared business secrets and his knowledge with young people interested in entrepreneurship, eloquently explaining the step-by-step development of a business.

  «I have always relied on my knowledge of medicine and education to guide my entrepreneurial activities. Only with high qualifications and sufficient knowledge It will become possible to comprehensively develop modern medicine,” says Shukurlaev Dilshod Dalerovich.

  During the conversation, it was noted that the first factor in starting a business is the ability to set a clear goal and regularly improve knowledge and skills, studying the language with the times and keeping abreast of the news. Students had the opportunity to receive detailed answers to the questions that they were interested in.

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