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International seminar "Causes and statistical indicators of mortality"

  On September 19-21, under the project "Catinca" of the Koch Institute (Germany), the Department of Public Health and Health Management of the Tashkent Institute for Advanced Training of Doctors in collaboration with Samarkand State Medical University held an international seminar "Causes and statistical indicators of mortality" in Samarkand city. More than 30 specialists from 10 countries, including Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Tajikistan, Germany, Mongolia and Uzbekistan took part in the seminar.

  Thus, representatives of SamSMU also participate in the seminar headed by Rector Zhasur Rizaev. During the three-day seminar, statistical indicators of causes of mortality and diseases in different countries was analyzed, and discussions on ways to prolong life and reduce mortality rates was conducted.

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