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Entrance examinations for the faculties of clinical psychology and bioengineering within the framework of joint education programs were held

  The Faculty of Joint Education of Samarkand State Medical University is currently one of the youngest and most promising faculties of the University.  There are 6 areas of study in this faculty, where 241 students are studying on specialties "Medical faculty", "Pediatrics", "Dentistry" (Privolzhsky Research Medical University), "Clinical Psychology" (Chuvash State University) and "Health Management" (Polish Higher School of Business - National-Louis-University).

  In addition, 23 students in the field of higher nursing (Ternopil Medical University, Ukraine) and 12 clinical residents (Volga Research Medical University), a total of 52 students from the faculty of joint education successfully passed the final state certification and received two diplomas (double degree) - a national diploma recognized by the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as diplomas of partner universities, and began working in various medical institutions of our country and partner universities' countries this year. 

  As part of the admission process, examinations were held for applicants who applied for the 2023-2024 academic year.  The tests were held in two stages.  The first stage assessed the knowledge of applicants in chemistry, biology and social sciences.

  On September 19, 16 applicants who had applied for the 2023-2024 academic year and passed the first stage of examination, was allowed to attend the second stage of testing conducted by the Agency for Assessment of Knowledge and Skills under the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Innovation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.  The applicants recommended for the second stage of testing in the directions "Bioengineering" (Baltic Federal University) and "Clinical Psychology" (Chuvash State University) passed the exams on the level of Russian language proficiency.  The examination process was organized under the supervision of the Knowledge and Skills Assessment Agency, internal affairs officers and the press service.

  For your information, since September 16 the enrollment of students for 2 more joint programs has started. Education will take place within the framework of a joint program in dentistry (Altai State Medical University) and cosmetology (Pomeranian University in Słupsk, Republic of Poland).

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