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Bridges of cooperation between SamSMU and a number of Japanese universities and medical companies established

  During the visit of Samarkand State Medical University delegation to Japan, agreements on cooperation with a number of higher educational institutions and companies of this country were reached.

  In particular, in order to implement cooperation in the field of training in the field of “Traditional Medicine”, the SamMU delegation held a meeting with the Tsumura company and exchanged information about traditional medicine. This company is a leading manufacturer of traditional Japanese medicinal herbs. During the meeting, an agreement was reached to establish scientific relations between SamSMU and Tsumura Co.

  Also, delegation of SamSMU, headed by Rector Zhasur Rizaev, held fruitful meetings with the head of medical center of Nagoya and Tokai regions, Professor Matsuo Seiichi and the founder of "Young Leaders" program of Nagoya University, Professor Ito Katsuki, to reach agreements on scientific and practical cooperation between the universities. Based on these agreements, a number of joint projects will be realized in the 2023-2024 academic year.

  Establishing cooperation with Japanese higher education institutions and companies opens new opportunities for training competitive medical personnel and lays the foundation for further development of the national system of medical education and practical healthcare.

Press service of SamSMU