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Issues of cooperation with Chinese pharmaceutical company discussed

  Yesterday representatives of Chinese enterprise "XinDeyuan Bioengineering" visited Samarkand State Medical University.  Being pharmaceutical company producing blood drugs, the enterprise is located in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of the People's Republic of China.

  Thus, Mr. Song Chenjia, Head of the Personnel Department of the enterprise, noted that the purpose of the visit was to establish cooperation with SamSMU to train qualified medical and pharmaceutical personnel for the new company to be opened by "XinDeyuan Bioengineering" in our country.  During the meeting the guests were familiarized in detail with the educational system of SamSMU, directions of education, in particular, pharmacy, as well as the training program of the university.

  During the discussions, it was noted that the new enterprise to be opened by "XinDeyuan Bioengineering" will create many jobs.  Further, the issues of employment of graduates of the faculties of pharmacy, higher nursing of SamSMU, as well as students of technical schools at this enterprise were considered.  An agreement was reached to establish comprehensive cooperation with the Chinese colleagues.

SamSMU Press service