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SamSMU hosted a meeting within the framework of the action "Actual 30 days"

  In regard to the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan from 5 July 2023 № 418-F and the khokim (eng. local government) of Samarkand region from 11 July 2023 № 155-7-0-F/23, tasks on implementation of "Actual 30 days" actions are set from 10 July to 10 August. In order to ensure the implementation of this resolution, a meeting was held at Samarkand State Medical University.

  Lieutenant Colonel U. Khaidarov, head of one of the departments of Samarkand Regional Department of Emergency Situations, chief engineer, heads of Civil Defence and Labour Protection Department, Technical Operation and Economy Department, commandants and workers of construction sites took part in the event.

  Thus, speaking at the meeting, Sh. Ostanov, Chief Engineer of the University, emphasised that compliance with fire safety rules is an urgent issue. Lieutenant Colonel U. Khaidarov, an official of the regional Emergency Situations Department, who participated in the event, said that during the past summer season of 2023, the air temperature in our country was higher than the annual norm, due to which the need to use cooling equipment led to a sharp increase in electricity consumption.

  He also mentioned that the lack of cleaning the territories of settlements and large industrial enterprises from dry vegetation leads to a sharp increase in the number of fires. U. Khaidarov gave an example of a number of fires that occurred in the country and noted that only in Samarkand region for the last 6 months of the current year 443 cases of fire were registered.

  The participants of the event were explained the basic principles of fire prevention and all questions asked by the participants were answered.

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