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Solemn opening of "Simulation Training Center" of SamSMU

  Today Samarkand State Medical University held a grand opening of "Simulation Training Center" provided with the most modern equipment.

  Since the new 2023-2024 academic year, students of the university will have practical training in this center.

  The center has 20 simulation rooms, computer classes and control room. So, the Center has training rooms in the following areas:

1. Anatomy

2. Reanimation

3. Obstetrics and gynecology

4. Neonatology and Pediatrics

5. Room for solving situational questions (clinical cases)

6. Procedure room

7. Therapy, ECG

8. Ultrasound room

9. Neurosurgery

10. Maxillofacial Surgery and Surgical Dentistry

11. Pediatric dentistry

12. Orthopedic dentistry

13. Therapeutic dentistry

14. Endoscopy room

15. Dressing room

16. Surgery

17. Otorhinolaryngology

18. Ophthalmology

19. Computer room

20. Cardiovascular pathology room.

  All accessories and robots of the Center allow to reproduce various situations arising in the practice of doctors. They allow to evaluate students' skills and knowledge, sequence of their actions and instill new skills, as well as improve teamwork and medical tactics. The center also has various medical equipment and specialized furniture to care for patients and perform all medical procedures.

  It should be noted that simulation training center is equipped with 5th generation robots, virtual simulators, the most modern medical equipment manufactured in the USA, France, Germany and other leading countries of the world.

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