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The meeting of the rector and students took

  In recent years, necessary conditions have been created in our country for talented youth to achieve significant results in prestigious national and international competitions, contests and olympiads. Samarkand State Medical University carries out a number of measures to assist, support and encourage the creative and social activity of talented youth. 

  On June 22, Rector of Samarkand State Medical University, Professor Zhasur Rizaev met with a group of active students of the university. In his speech, Jasur Rizaev spoke about the great opportunities created for young people, and the unique aspects of youth policy pursued by the president of our country. 

  Organizational part of the meeting was devoted to solemn presentation of certificates to 45 students of SamSMU, 5 students of Academic Lyceum under the university and 3 pupils of professional colleges and technical schools under SamSMU that became holders of "Rector's Scholarship" for 2nd semester of 2022/2023 academic year. The winners of the 8th International Olympiad in Organic Chemistry dedicated to the 90th anniversary of Academician A.P. Arzamastsev held in Moscow, the winners of the International Competition "Best Student-2023" and the participants of technological development marathon "TECHNOWAYS" were also awarded. 

  In his address to the students, Zhasur Alimdzhanovich urged to participate in such international competitions, more widely cover the university activities in social networks, thereby increasing the authority of the university, as well as to be more active in the public life of the university. 

  Such events, organized to support talented young people, serve to increase their activity in the scientific and educational spheres, encouraging them to achieve higher goals in the future.

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