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Nowruz festivities at Samarkand State Medical University

  The spring day of Nowruz, a miraculous holiday of awakening of renewal of nature, kindness and mercy, is coming to the fertile land of Uzbekistan on the 21st of March.

  This holiday as a symbol of peace and tolerance, in accordance with the resolution of the United Nations is widely celebrated on March 21 as the International Day of Nowruz. The festivities marking Nowruz are enthusiastically celebrated in all parts of Uzbekistan, in valleys and oases, in towns and villages, in parks and squares.

  Thus, celebrations in Samarkand were held in the Alisher Navoi Central Park of Culture and Recreation. Representatives of the Samarkand State Medical University took an active part in the festivities.

  Pedagogical staff of the university and students were at the organization of the festivities from the morning. Rector Zhasur Rizaev extended warm congratulations to all participants. Creative performances, songs and dances of students, and a generous holiday dastarkhan brought the festive mood to the participants. Performances of students of SamSMU's Faculty of International Education in national costumes made a particular impression on guests of the festivities. By a good tradition, all participants of the festivities were treated to festive pilaf (eng. A dish of rice, carrots, meat and spices).

  The festivities were attended by leaders of the region and the city, veterans of labor and guests of Samarkand.

  May your every day be Nowruz, dear readers!

SamSMU Press service