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Women are the power of commitment!

  This was the slogan of a meeting dedicated to March 8, International Women's Day held by faculty of medical pedagogy, higher nursing and folk medicine of Samarkand State Medical University at the assembly hall of the new academic building on March 6. The event was attended by representatives of the University Women's Advisory Council and the Faculty, professors and students.

  March 8 is a symbol and a breath of spring. The woman has always been a symbol of compassion and loyalty. On this date, first of all, the image of a great and blessed mother is embodied in our eyes, as the human race learns the good and kindness in the world, the secrets and lessons of life precisely because of a mother's kindness and care.

  Thus, speakers congratulated all women and girls on the festival of beauty and sophistication - International Women's Day on March 8, and wished them long life, good health, happiness and good luck, peace and tranquility.

SamSMU Press service