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SSS meeting held jointly with students of Samarkand State Medical University academic lyceum

  Employees of Phthisiology and Pulmonology Department of Samarkand State Medical University held meeting of Students science club "Young Phthisiatrician and Pulmonologist" with students of Academic Lyceum of the University. The meeting was organized with the aim of increasing the interest of young people in the medical profession, as well as their involvement in healthy lifestyles.

  Thus, lecturer of the Phthisiology and Pulmonology Department S.A. Khojaeva made an introductory speech on the prevention of infectious and non-infectious diseases. Dr. S.L.Baimirov, a narcologist, gave a detailed and informative presentation on the dangers of smoking and the consequences of drug abuse.

  In addition, informative video and photo materials were presented, and a discussion on the basic principles of healthy lifestyle was held. The students and learners were provided with information on all mentioned issues.

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